Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Described in 10 Words or Less

There are thousands of active cryptocurrency projects, and thousands more hiding in obscurity. Every other day a fresh team of developers pitches an idea that puts blockchain technology to exciting new uses. And each one of these comes with its own cryptocurrency.

How do you keep track of all these projects? Memorize top 50 cryptocurrency lists? Scrutinize the Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies? Give up and take a nap?

In our continuing efforts to make sense of the wild world of blockchain, we decided simplification was the way to go.

Taking inspiration from TechCrunch’s list of 100 cryptocurrencies summarized in four words or less, we’ve put together our own overview of cryptocurrencies, described in 10 words or less.

Below is a list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies sorted by decreasing market cap at the time of writing. Each description provides just enough information to get a thumbnail of the project. You’ll also find links for in-depth discussions of many of the cryptocurrencies mentioned below.

Use this list to kickstart your investment research, or to finally put a purpose to that odd cryptocurrency you keep running into.

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies in 10 Words or Less

1BitcoinBTCDigital value storage — buy it and hodl forever.
2EthereumETHSmart contracts, decentralized apps, and lots of hype.
3RippleXRPFast transactions built for enterprises.
4Bitcoin CashBCHBitcoin spin-off with larger block size and lower fees.
5EOSEOSSmart contracts platform with a user-centric fees system.
6LitecoinLTCLightweight Bitcoin made for daily spending.
7Stellar LumensXLMSuper-fast payments with incredibly small fees.
8CardanoADAOpen and democratic smart contracts platform.
9TetherUSDTOne Tether equals one USD — always.
10IOTAMIOTABlockchain meets the Internet-of-Things, with no transaction fees.
11TronTRXDecentralizing web content: Power to the people!
12MoneroXMRPrivate and completely anonymous payments.
13NEONEOSmart contracts platform often called China’s Ethereum.
14DashDASHScalable and user-friendly digital cash with instant payments.
15Binance CoinBNBBinance exchange’s token used to pay discounted transaction fees.
16Ethereum ClassicETCThe “other” Ethereum formed after the 2016 hard fork.
17VeChainVENBusiness supply chains on the blockchain.
18NEMXEMCustomizable blockchains for businesses.
19OntologyONTA trust-based ecosystem designed for business use.
20QtumQTUMProof-of-Stake value coin and smart contracts platform.
21OmiseGOOMGAims to compete with banks by offering fast transactions.
22ZcashZECSimilar to Bitcoin, but with anonymous transactions.
23ICONICXMaking it possible for different blockchains to communicate.
24LiskLSKCreate smart contracts with JavaScript.
25DecredDCRHybrid currency completely driven by community governance.
26ZilliqaZILBlockchain platform built with sharding and scaling in mind.
27BytecoinBCNPrivacy coin with untraceable payments and instant transactions.
28AeternityAEEfficient and scalable payments network.
29Bitcoin GoldBTGBitcoin that’s easier to mine.
30BytomBTMSystem that transfers real world assets to digital tokens.
31SiacoinSCCost-efficient peer-to-peer cloud storage system.
32BitSharesBTSDecentralized peer-to-peer exchange.
33VergeXVGPrivate transactions carried out using Tor and I2P.
34SteemSTEEMIncentivized social media participation with cryptocurrency payments.
350xZRXDecentralized exchange framework with fast smart contracts.
36AugurREPMarket that uses game theory to make crowdsourced predictions.
37Bitcoin DiamondBCDBitcoin, but private — has suspicious origins.
38MakerMKRStablecoin that attempts to curb price volatility.
39NanoXRBImpressively scalable digital currency.
40DogecoinDOGEVery spendy. Much Shiba. Such payments. Wow.
41WavesWAVESBlockchain token creation made easy — well, easier, anyway.
42RChainRHOCFast and scalable content delivery.
43GolemGNTDecentralized supercomputer platform anyone can use.
44DigiByteDGBSecure payments through a highly decentralized network.
45NebulasNASA continuously improving blockchain ecosystem that never hard forks.
46StratisSTRATSmart contracts in C# and .Net, built for enterprise use.
47PopulousPPTFast, secure, transparent global invoice trading platform.
48WanchainWANEfficient and decentralized cross-chain digital asset transactions.
49Basic Attention TokenBATReplacing online ads with direct consumer-to-creator payments.
50Bitcoin PrivateBTCPPrivacy-oriented Bitcoin forked from ZClassic.
51HShareHSRAims to be an easy transfer currency between blockchains.
52StatusSNTMessaging and interface platform for interacting with dapps.
53Huobi TokenHTThe Huobi exchange token used for trading fee discounts.
54KuCoin SharesKCSKuCoin exchange’s token used for earning passive income.
55IOStokenIOSTAims to solve scalability issues for online service providers.
56DigixDAODGDCommunity-powered payments system backed by physical gold.
57LoopringLRCDecentralized exchange protocol built for highly efficient transactions.
58WaltonchainWTCCombines RFID and blockchain for a powerful business-oriented IoT network.
59CryptonexCNXContactless payments and an intermediary between fiat and crypto currencies.
60AionAIONDapps platform that plays nice with other dapps platforms.
61KomodoKMDSecure blockchain platform with anonymizing tech and atomic swap DEX.
62GXChainGXSData exchange platform built around trust.
63BancorBNTDecentralized liquidity network that instantly converts cryptocurrencies.
64MaidSafeCoinMAIDDigital file sharing economy powered by cryptocurrency microtransactions.
65aelfELFBlockchain cloud computing network and OS that incentivizes ethical behavior.
66ArdorARDRTackles blockchain bloat and scalability using child chains.
67ReddCoinRDDA social currency designed around fast, cheap microtransactions between humans.
68MOACMOACScalable blockchain that supports transactions, data access, sub-blockchain deployment.
69ArkARKThe ultimate bridge between different blockchains.
70MonaCoinMONAPayments coin often used by gamers, popular in Japan.
71CentralityCENZZCreating a peer-to-peer “marketplace of applications.”
72DentacoinDCNGlobal Dental Industry blockchain used to improve worldwide dental care.
73FunFairFUNOnline gaming and casino experiences via the blockchain.
74CortexCTXCAdd artificial general intelligence to smart contracts.
75MithrilMITHSocial media platform that rewards users for interactions.
76DropilDROPTools for automating cryptocurrency trading, analysis, and storage.
77Kyber NetworkKNCInstant cryptocurrency conversions backed by atomic swaps.
78PIVXPIVXPrivacy-focused, open-source, Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency.
79EnigmaENGFor building private, scalable decentralized applications.
80Theta TokenTHETADecentralized video streaming network for Esports, education, live music, TV, etc.
81ElastosELAResilient blockchain platform for next-gen dapps.
82KinKINDigital services ecosystem built for daily life.
83EmercoinEMCDecentralized business services such as secure DNS and SSH bridges.
84GasGASThe on-chain token that powers NEO activities.
85MonacoMCOMimics the functionality of real-world payment systems (credit cards).
86DecentralandMANAVirtual Reality platform with user-created, monetized content and applications.
87CyberMilesCMTFast, smart, safe, and free e-commerce solutions.
88Bibox TokenBIXTrading token used by the AI-enhanced cryptocurrency exchange.
89NxtNXTApplications platform for launching digital currencies.
90SyscoinSYSSecure decentralized marketplace, like eBay or Amazon on the blockchain.
91WaykiChainWICCDecentralized betting powered by tokens.
92FusionFSNPowerful financial services on the blockchain, built for business.
93VeritaseumVERIConnecting parties and their assets without a middleman.
94EthosETHOSSecurely manage multiple cryptocurrency wallets, keys, and coins.
95Loom NetworkLOOMHighly scalable games and social apps built with dapp sidechains.
96Scry.infoDDDData exchange, storage, and validation platform.
97FactomFCTRestoring trust to decentralized business interactions.
98TrueUSDTUSDA stablecoin that strives to remain 1-to-1 with USD.
99NulsNULSReduces barriers and cost for creating blockchains.
100QASHQASHMaintaining liquidity for all cryptocurrencies.

Honorable Mentions

Cryptocurrencies never sit still. With a shifting top 100 list and promising projects sitting below the cut-off, we thought it appropriate to throw in a few honorable mentions so you can stay on top of developments.

DragonchainDRGNDapps platform and marketplace originally created by Disney.
SubstratumSUBCreating a decentralized, censorship-proof internet.
Power LedgerPOWRDecentralizing the electric grid, like AirBnb for electricity.
SONMSONMGlobal supercomputer and resources marketplace.
DeepBrain ChainDBCArtificial intelligence computing resources on the blockchain.
UbiqUBQUltra-stable smart contracts platform for long-term business use.
ByteballGBYTETamper-proof data storage and simplified smart payments.
ElectroneumETNEasy-to-use blockchain exclusively for cryptocurrency payments.
NeblioNEBLSimplifying platform blockchains for businesses.
Raiden NetworkRDNGlobal payments without scaling issues.


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