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Invest In Blockchain is one of the fastest growing websites in the industry, with thousands of daily followers:

  • Targeted investment-oriented website traffic
  • An Alexa rank of 295k and climbing fast
  • A super targeted email list with 8600+ active subscribers
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Your ICO or crypto related project will be seen by thousands of potential investors on Invest In Blockchain.

By submitting a press release and sending payment, you grant our editors the right to edit and have final say on the text, as well as use your company logo to create an image to go with the press release.

Press releases advertising fraudulent or questionable products will not be published.  Invest In Blockchain has a right to refuse to publish any press release and offer a refund.

*Price for a Press Release is 0.05 BTC

We'll get back to you shortly to arrange payment and images.

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