Crypto-Backed Brave Browser Reaches 150K Verified Publishers, 5 Weeks After Passing 100K

The total number of publishers on Brave Browser has crossed 150,000 subscribers, according to Brave and Basic Attention Token (BAT) analysis site, Batgrowth.

Publishers who have already registered with Brave include The Guardian, The Washington Post, and the LA Times. Tipping services on platforms like Twitter, and the launch of the Brave Ads program have no doubt played a part in helping Brave grow.

The two graphs clearly represent an exponential growth in the Brave ecosystem. There is a sense of a parabolic trend forming, and the thought of a sharp rise in users and publishers is not unrealistic, given all of the positive developments and acceptance that has accompanied the project in recent times.

Brave Gaining Even More Legitimacy

Brave has experienced phenomenal growth in the past year, growing twice as fast as Google Chrome, experiencing an explosion in monthly active usage, and drawing attention for its focus on privacy and reduced load times through the lack of advertisements.  

The project drew further attention when, during a senate hearing, a Brave executive made the claim that Google had violated GDPR policy – which instigated a probe by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC).