Brave Ads Are Officially Live, Community Turns ON Ads To Earn BAT

Brave, the web browser beloved by blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, has officially launched Brave Ads. Brave browser users can now opt-in to viewing ads and start earning Basic Attention Token (BAT) for giving advertisements their attention.

Viewers Earn 70% of Revenue From Ads Watched!

Brave Ads is revolutionizing internet advertising as viewers who opt-in to view advertisements receive a whopping 70% of the revenue these advertisements generate. If users prefer to have an ad-free experience, that’s okay too.

The Brave Ads system is truly revolutionary. Not only do users benefit from the revenue earned, but advertisers can connect with people who actually choose to view ads and are thus more likely to be interested and engage.

Also, users opting-in to view ads not only get paid for viewing them, but they only see advertisements they want to see because the ads are targeted based on a users interest.

Brave Browser Protects Your Privacy

As if getting paid to view ads wasn’t good enough, Brave browser also preserves their users’ privacy by blocking tracking scripts and other technologies that spy on your online activity.

As reported by WIRED, founder and CEO of Brav, Brendan Eich says the Brave ads users view will respect their privacy. He says the ads appear as desktop notifications and are not replacements for the ads that the Brave browser blocks.

Moreover, by handling advertising on the Brave browser, Brave can target ads without sending user data to an external cloud and compromising its privacy. When interacting with an ad on Brave, the browser simply sends notice to the company’s servers but does not include identifying information.

Therefore, users’ privacy is completely preserved throughout the process of viewing ads and earning revenue.

Final Thoughts

All in all, what Brave is doing with their Brave browser and Brave Ads is truly disruptive to the attention economy. By putting offering users a chance to monetize their own ad-viewing experience, while retaining complete control and privacy of their personal data, Brave is incentivizing a more targeted, efficient advertising model.

Eventually, Brave wants to expand the advertisement experience to replace the blocked ads on publishers’ websites with ads by Brave, and give those publishers who opt-in to this model a cut of the revenue as well.

Therefore, Brave has a grand vision to completely revolutionize the online advertising industry, which will create more value and better browsing experiences for everyone.

What do you think about the Brave browser and Brave Ads? Will Brave’s revolutionary advertisement solution catch on and go mainstream? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.