Crypto-Backed Brave Browser Works On Twitter Tipping

The popular crypto-backed Brave browser has been on fire as of late with rapid user growth and the introduction of exciting new features such as Brave Ads and Rewards which enables users to receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) for viewing ads and content creators to earn BAT from producing quality content.

Now, the fastest growing web browser released yet another innovative feature that incorporates the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency.

Brave is now testing a feature that allows users of their Nightly desktop version to earn BAT through tips from their followers. See the tweet announcing this new feature below:

As seen above, users of the Brave browser can now tip their favorite tweets by simply clicking the BAT button on the bottom right of a tweet. Thus far, the feature is only available on the Brave desktop browser and is in Beta mode.

In order to receive BAT tips, the author of the tweet must be verified through If they are not verified but receive a tip, they have 90 days to register for Brave Rewards to receive their tips. If they do not register, the tipped money is simply returned to the sender’s account.

Brave has not provided any details as to when this feature will officially launch. First, they are requesting user feedback and conducting more testing before it is released across all of its versions.

However, thus far user feedback has been extremely positive and the feature may soon be officially released.

What will Brave come out with next? Will this innovative new browser continue to grow its user base? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.