TRON Developer Guide Is Actually a List of Exchanges Where To Buy TRX, With Binance On Top Despite Alphabetical Order

Tron (TRX) – the infamously hyped up cryptocurrency project notorious for its plagiarized whitepaper and the questionable marketing techniques of its founder, Justin Sun – is in the spotlight once again.

On April 30, the Tron Foundation released a “TRON Developer Guide” on Medium. However, it really had nothing to do with the development of Tron, but rather where to buy Tron (TRX). The post listed a slew of TRX crypto exchanges in alphabetical order, where was Binance was conveniently placed at the top of the list.

Is Justin Sun a Fraud?

Following the “TRON Developer Guide” post, Sun and the Tron Foundation received a lot of backlash from the crypto community, who pointed out that the guide had nothing to do with development, and everything to do with where to buy TRX. After receiving this backlash, the Tron Foundation took the post down, but it has since been archived and can be viewed here.

People are getting fed up with Sun’s shady actions, and they’re not being shy about expressing it.

In a Reddit post about Tron’s latest developer guide, over 280 people commented, with many calling Sun a fraud and claiming that the Tron project is garbage.

The thread became a big discussion, citing Sun’s cringy behavior where he recently tried to get in on Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk’s short convo about Ethereum, but was shut down with memes from the community.

People also brought up the fact that Sun launched Tether on the Tron blockchain, which now seems fishy because Tether is a stablecoin that it has recently come to light was dishonest about its 1:1 USD backing.

All in all, Sun has been involved in a lot of shady projects, marketing techniques, and straight up lies. And it’s all beginning to stick; people are beginning to catch on and take everything he does and says with a grain of salt.

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