Reddit: TRON Community Loses Faith In The Project After Tron Foundation Takes Over Community-Owned Tronix Subreddit

TRON has often courted controversy with its flashy marketing tactics. The debacle that was the Tesla giveaway, where founder Justin Sun said that he would give a Tesla to a random Twitter user, only to delete the post and allegedly select a Twitter bot instead, has only added fuel to the fire. The furor raised was unsurprising and added to TRON’s less than stellar reputation among the cryptocommunity.

Recently popular English football club, Liverpool FC, had announced its intention to enter the blockchain space, with a spokesperson saying,

We do regularly engage with lots of companies to better understand their business and we have extended an invitation to Tron—along with many others. To be clear, no discussions have taken place.

However, it was only an invitation for discussion, not a partnership as was initially claimed by TRON. Kraken and Binance had also been invited.

In any case, the issue at hand is that TRON has been having a few PR problems, which has only gotten worse as the unofficial community-owned TRON subreddit, r/Tronix, has now officially been taken over by the TRON team, much to the ire of TRON community members. The community had much to say about developments in recent times:





Regarding the Tesla and Liverpool controversy, one official TRON member commented,

We had technical difficulties while picking a winner for a Tesla and a thread blows up on reddit (complete with absolutely insane conspiracy theories). In the end, we apologized for our mistake and gave away grand prizes to two different people. The entire thing was a result of miscommunication between our two offices and using a new piece of software for the drawing that we should have been more familiar with. Especially in a live environment. In the end, nobody remembers that we gave away twice as much as we promised.The Liverpool thing: Justin Sun is human. It was a misunderstanding that the crypto crowd was all too happy to run with and make a mountain out of a molehill with. He misinterpreted what it was, its really that simple.


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