Ethereum On Elon Musk’s Radar – Asks Vitalik Buterin What Should Be Developed On Ethereum Blockchain

Elon Musk’s said a few things about cryptocurrencies on Twitter before, which fills investors with excitement and often causes a spike in market prices. From jokingly claiming to be the CEO of Dogecoin to saying that “bitcoin’s structure is brilliant”, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s tweets always attract attention. This time it is no different, with Musk simply tweeting “Ethereum” – following which Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, himself responded, saying that Musk should “come to Devcon in October.”

Although Musk followed it up with a “jk” tweet, the conversation, which has caught the attention of cryptoenthusiasts, continued for quite a while, instigated by Musk asking Buterin “What should be developed on Ethereum?”,

Buterin was detailed in his response, offering several “top picks”, the first one being a globally accessible financial system – a development that many experts and insiders believe should be one of the first,

Buterin goes on to describe several other very specific use cases, which not all that many projects in the market seem to offer. The tackling of some fundamental problems like the ones suggested by Buterin, including identity management, privacy and credit systems, are among the most vaunted use cases,