ETH Gains More Than BTC On A Percentage Basis From Now Until Year End, Erik Voorhees Makes A Bet

ShapeShift exchange CEO and influential cryptocurrency advocate, Erik Voorhees, has made an interesting claim on Twitter: Ethereum (ETH) will see more gains than Bitcoin (BTC) by the year’s end.

Following a tweet by Twitter user real_vijay, who said that the “assured return” of an “altcoin season” was “delusional”, Voorhees bet $1000 that Ethereum would show increased gains. True, Ethereum and altcoins have taken a particularly hard hit following the brutal crypto winter.

Voorhees is not alone in his belief that Ethereum will rise in value and become even more prominent in the crypto space. Individuals still show a lot of belief in the token, and both Amazon and Microsoft are working on encouraging development on the platform, with Microsoft releasing a software kit for millions of developers on Azure.

An insider from The United States Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has also said that the regulatory body is willing to approve an Ethereum futures contract should it meet the criteria. Ethereum has risen alongside bitcoin, now hovering at around $190 and close to possibly crossing the $200 mark.