Microsoft Understands The Potential Of Ethereum, Now Releases Kit For Millions Of Developers On Azure

Microsoft has announced that it has released an Ethereum (ETH) blockchain development kit on Microsoft Azure, its cloud computing platform.

The kit is released as an extension to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. The new extension grants more features and capabilities to developers, allowing them to make use of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service or the public Ethereum network. The announcement also notes that Solidity and Truffle are supported.

The GitHub page describes the extension as follows,

Azure Blockchain service is a managed Ethereum service that you can deploy and interact with Solidity contracts as well as integrate into other Azure based services such as Azure Flow, Logic Apps or storage services like SQL Server or Cosmos DB.

The post mentions how Microsoft is showing greater interest in the technology,

Sure, there have been Solidity and other Blockchain technology extensions for Visual Studio Code published by others in the community, however now there is also an official set of tools published by Microsoft. This proves even further the investment and dedication that Microsoft is putting forth towards the use of Blockchain ledger technologies in the Enterprise, or even on the public blockchain networks.

The extension is supported on both Windows and MacOS, and is available here.

Microsoft has been doing its bit to encourage blockchain development, even paying individuals to develop on the Ethereum blockchain.