Crypto-Backed Brave Browser Will Be Hard To Stop At This Point

The privacy-oriented, crypto-backed Brave browser is on an unstoppable path towards dominating the internet browsing scene as people are beginning to realize the immense benefits Brave and its associated cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT), have to offer.

The Benefits of Using Brave

As previously reported by IIB, the Brave browser enables its users to earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency for viewing ads and producing quality content as a verified Brave publisher.

Even more, Brave provides a fast and user-friendly experience while preserving their users’ online browsing privacy, unlike Google Chrome, which collects data about how you browse the web and slows down your browsing experience with ads.

Another of Brave’s unique benefits is a new Twitter tipping feature that allows you to tip the authors of your favorite tweets with the click of a button.

Brave Is Growing Rapidly

Brave’s user base is growing rapidly and so is the number of verified Brave Publishers who actively post, create content, and share it via the Brave browser.

The total number of verified Brave Publishers is nearly at 150,000 publishers. These publishers include YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Twitter users, and website publishers.

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By far, the largest number of Brave publishers come from YouTube, which attributes to over 116,000 of Brave’s publishers. The growth of verified Brave YouTube publishers has grown exponentially and continues to maintain its parabolic growth trend.

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The growth trend depicted in the graph above is similar to the rate of growth for Twitch streamers, website publishers, and Twitter publishers, just with smaller numbers of publishers.

As for the number of BAT holders, the growth rate is holding a steady upwards trend with some spikes in growth here and there. The total number of BAT addresses is currently over 140,000.

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