$100M Fund Goes Long On ETH, Ether Poised for a 10-Year Bull Run

Darma Capital, a $100 million investment firm, is bullish on Ethereum (ETH), saying the digital asset is poised for a 10-year bull run, according to a Bloomberg report on June 6.

According to Darma’s founders, they are counting on Ether (ETH) playing an integral role in the Ethereum blockchain, which they believe will be of equivalent importance to the internet in its early days.

However, the difference between Ethereum and the web is that with Ethereum, there is actually something to invest in (Ether). With the internet, there were only applications built on top of it to invest in (Google, Amazon, eBay, etc.).

As stated by Andrew Keys, one of the first employees of ConsenSys and now a managing member in Darma, he considers Ether to be a new asset class, and he’s intent on acquiring a considerable amount of it.

Ethereum Is Well Positioned for Long-Term Growth

Darma Capital recognizes Ethereum’s potential and believes it is well positioned to succeed and grow in the long term, and for good reason.

Well-known corporations are adopting Ethereum for real-world uses, and are quickly establishing Ethereum’s public blockchain as an industry standard.

Ernst & Young (EY) publicly released a privacy-enhancing protocol built onto the public Ethereum blockchain so that private enterprises and corporations can adopt Ethereum’s public blockchain technology and continue to grow the Ethereum ecosystem.

Also, Microsoft is releasing easy-to-use development kits for Ethereum on Microsoft Azure, the software giant’s cloud computing platform. Amazon has also released Ethereum development kits on their Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) service.

Therefore, it’s becoming easier for developers to build on top of Ethereum, and more and more enterprises are choosing it as it becomes the standard.

All in all, Ethereum is very well positioned for long-term growth, as it is one of the few blockchains actually being adopted for real-world uses.

Do you think Ethereum will succeed in the long-term? Or will another blockchain protocol come along and replace everything Ethereum has accomplished? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.