Waltonchain Releases Q3 Work Progress and Q4 Roadmap

Blockchain technology has awakened technological innovation in a number of industries.

One of the blockchain projects taking the benefits of blockchain technology to the supply chain industry is Waltonchain. They make use of low-cost RFID chips that they manufacture themselves.

While there are a number of other projects doing something similar to this, Waltonchain is unique in that it is based in China and said to be favored by the Chinese government. This is only one of the reasons to consider Waltonchain as a smart long-term investment.

A previous update from Waltonchain announced their partnership with a shopping district in South Korea, as well as an update of their whitepaper. Now, we take a look at their overall Q3 work progress and the detailed Q4 roadmap.

Important Progress Made in Q3

On July 5, 2018, Waltonchain introduced 2 “blockchain + industry solutions” known as WTC-Food and WTC-Garment.

On July 11, Waltonchain subsidiary Silictec signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GOME Finance, a subsidiary of GOME Holdings Group.

On July 12, Waltonchain (WTC) was officially listed on the global crypto exchange, Huobi. On August 31, it was listed on Bithumb, the leading crypto exchange in South Korea.

The first phase of the token swap from the ERC-20 token to the WTC mainnet coin was announced on August 17.

On September 5, there was a technical agreement with the Chairman of Dongdaemun Fashion town tourism zone to promote the development and application of blockchain and RFID technology in Dongdaemun Fashion Town Tourism Zone.

Development Progress

The payoff of phase 1 mining rewards has been completed. Also, the hardware wallet system is now in the testing phase, and the WTC Wallet for Windows has been updated. The Super Master Node Program has been implemented for accounts holding over 100,000 WTC.

Concerning the RFID chips, the design phase is completed and is now in the debugging phase. Deployment of the chips is scheduled for November 2018.

For more details on their Q3 work progress, check out Waltonchain’s blog.

Waltonchain Q4 Roadmap

Waltonchain’s Q4 roadmap was announced on October 3 via Twitter.

The roadmap is classified into 4 areas: mainnet development, business projects, hardware development, and other.

For the mainnet development, the Moneynet child chain project is scheduled to kick off. Moneynet is a cryptocurrency web community in South Korea with about 110,000 active users. On September 7, Moneynet signed an official agreement to become a subchain of Waltonchain. The development of this project will be a priority in Q4 2018

For the business projects, the Waltonchain subsidiary in Brazil is planned to be established in Q4. The Korean DDM smart retail project is scheduled to be launched, and along with this, an offline experience store setup is planned.

Furthermore, pre-research will be carried out on the New Zealand MitoQ biotechnology product traceability project, the Korean Pantos high-end cosmetics authentication traceability project, and the Estonia organic agricultural product traceability project.

On hardware developments, there will be design simulation and tape-out of the miner chips. There will be testing of the RFID chips and pilot deployment of the RFID system,  and ultimately the mass production of hardware wallets.

The other area in the Q4 roadmap only includes the launch of the updated Waltonchain official website.


Waltonchain is positioning itself to be a global leader in blockchain and IoT. The mass release of their hardware in Q4 2018 will place them among cryptocurrencies with working products available for use.

Waltonchain’s highly anticipated supply chain solution will greatly affect the demand for WTC. The market’s response to these milestones for Q4 2018 is worth keeping an eye on.

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