Promether Releases Contact Alpha, a Secure and Decentralized Communications Dapp

Promether (PYRO), a project known for their unparalleled network security architecture, advanced privacy standards, and fully customizable user experience – has revealed the highly anticipated Alpha 1 version of their decentralized communications platform, Contact.

Going with the tagline – “Communicate without compromise. Securely” – Contact is a communications framework developed on top of the Promether network that harvests no user data, uses advanced encryption and routing mechanisms, shards and obfuscates data, in addition to allowing users to personalize their experience by enabling tweaks to interface, encryption, fonts, icons, themes, etc., to almost no end.

Contact’s alpha version page teaser states that several more features will come in the newer versions. As it is, alpha 1 is described as follows by the official announcement,

One could imagine Google Dropbox merged with WhatsApp, but mixed with privacy and security features that none of the current platforms have. We are trying to make sure users and companies (or even governments) can easily secure their data without having to put trust in a central agent, but rather the code itself that can be audited and verified for security. But the goal of Contact is to be a lot more than just a privacy product — we are putting extreme care in creating a modern application that is packed with features, has modern UI/UX, and adheres to mainstream standards.

Promether has built a unique network called the Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN) that allows any user to create their own secure and anonymous network. The team has described the platform as:

“An open-source, component-based, reusable system that abstracts the details of the secure network from the applications that use it.”

The team, put together by the lead developer of GTA5, Max Payne 3, Guitar Hero, and Red Dead Redemption 2, among other titles, has spent late 2018 and early 2019 refining the dapp, expanding the team, making performance improvements, forming marketing strategies for the Alpha 2 Beta, and taking the first steps towards creating a new design language.

The groundwork they laid out now means the team can focus on larger problems in the months to come. Their plans include working towards a public release of Contact Alpha 2 and the underlying decentralized network, Promether, a security audit of Contact, as well as implementing hundreds of new features to be revealed in the next stage of testing.

2019 is something of a foundational year for cryptocurrencies, where the talk of the town seems to be stablecoins, technical improvements like scalability, institutional investment, and killer dapps. With respect to the latter, the Samsung Galaxy’s native support of some cryptocurrencies and the competition between Ethereum, EOS, and TRON gives some indication that dapps will play a big role in growing the market.

The unique proposition of a dApp that adheres to mainstream standards from an user interface/experience perspective, while also offering strong security architecture of data exchange that is inherited from the underlying Promether Network, makes it a project well worth keeping an eye on.

For more information on Promether, you can read about their recent partnership with Holo, as well as their attempt to build a fundamental solution to the privacy problem of the internet. You can also visit their Telegram, Reddit, Medium, and Twitter channels.