OmiseGO News: eWallet Updates, Plasma Developments, And More

While the price of OmiseGO (OMG) and most cryptocurrencies have remained stagnant over the past month of October, the OmiseGO project continues to move forward with new developments.

As outlined in their October Community Update, OmiseGO has been keeping busy and moving forward across all fronts.

Technical Updates Regarding the eWallet Suite

On the technical side of things, the eWallet Suite team accomplished quite a lot. Their most notable accomplishment was the finalization of the complex eWallet settings feature.

For those of you who don’t know, the eWallet Suite is an open-source software toolkit developed by OmiseGO for the onboarding of merchants and users to the OMG Network. Key components of the eWallet Suite include the point of sale applications for both iOS and Android-operating systems.

In addition to the eWallet settings feature developments, the team implemented features and improvements into the point-of-sale applications for both Android and iOS.

For instance, the team fixed various bug issues with preloaded exchange pairs, which improved the flow of transactions to their iOS point-of-sale application. They also added various support functions and some key features, including but not limited to: the launch screen, an app icon, receive funds, and top up.

For Android, new pages were added to the Client Application, and to improve the flow of navigation the team switched to the Android Navigation Component. As well, the team improved the Android SDK with a support transaction request for an admin module.

During the month of November and moving forward, the eWallet Suite team will be working on the following features:

  • Admin permission matrix
  • Transaction auditing
  • Improving error reporting
  • Additions to iOS and Android Point of Sale apps

Plasma Developments

Throughout the past month, the team at OmiseGO has been focusing heavily on getting the Watcher API ready for deployment on their testnet. Regarding many of the Watcher API and Plasma developments, be sure to check out our recent OmiseGO Plasma Update article.

In regard to Plasma research, the LearnPlasma website made adding new content significantly easier, as it is now generated automatically from markdown files. Also, if you would like to help out with open issues, you can get paid with GitCoin bounties for contributing open-source work.

Additionally, the OmiseGO team has been working with other researchers to simplify the atomic swap protocol. This research is used to tackle the problem of the large histories in Plasma Cash. The team is working on ways to decrease size of proofs when transferring tokens to each other.

In further research, the analyzation and study of app-agnostic plasma chains are of the utmost importance. However, they are incredibly hard to build. OmiseGO team members participated in a research workshop to address the underlying problems that make generalized plasma very difficult.

Research and learning about generalized plasma will be an on-going priority, and future updates will be made.

OmiseGO Events and News

Source: OmiseGO blog

The parent company of OmiseGO, Omise Holdings, announced that they have received an undisclosed amount of funding as part of the B++ series led by Japan’s largest private venture capital, Global Brain. The funds will be used to support all of Omise Holdings projects, including OmiseGO.

OmiseGO attended a multitude of events over the past month to network and learn from the brightest minds in the space.

For instance, the OMG Director of Plasma Research went to the Nervos Meetup in San Francisco on October 8 to present layer 2 solutions that work on top of existing blockchains. You can see the full video clip of his presentation below.

Other events attended by OmiseGO include the Status Hackathon and DevCon 4 in Prague, Czech Republic.

During DevCon 4, OmiseGO participated in live workshops, presented talks on Plasma, and had a very special keynote featuring Stewart Brand and 2 OMG veterans.

These events were very educational experiences for all involved, and presented many opportunities for networking and collaboration with bright minds in the cryptocurrency space.