Micro-Investing App Cred Aims To Make Cryptocurrency Trading More Accessible

Investing in cryptocurrencies can feel a little bit like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool, especially if you have no previous experience investing.

Cred is a micro-investing app with a simple, user-friendly smartphone interface that makes cryptocurrency trading accessible to anyone. Cred is fully US-regulation compliant, so anyone unsure about the legal aspect of crypto trading can rest assured when using it. The Cred app boasts 256-bit encryption, so user data and crypto are safe from being hacked.

Not only can you buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily, Cred also provides basic strategic functions for maximizing your profits. For example, you can set up automatic recurring investments or investment caps, and there’s an algorithm that automatically rounds up any small purchases you make to the nearest dollar and invests those extra cents.

Source: https://www.getcred.io/

On May 11, 2018, Cred announced that they have partnered with Science Inc., a powerhouse startup development and investment firm that has nurtured 85 of the most innovative tech projects of the new generation.

Founder and CEO of Cred, Brendon McQueen, is excited at this huge opportunity to grow alongside Science Inc., as the investment firm has a stellar success rate, both with consumer-friendly apps and with the tokenized incubator Science Blockchain.

According to McQueen, this alliance with Science Inc. will provide Cred “access to [Science Inc.’s] incredible customer acquisition skills and experience building household brands such as Dollar Shave Club.”

Case Study: Neblio on Cred

Cred users will be able to start trading the big names in cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin – as well as a few newcomers to the game.

One of the altcoins Cred offers is NEBL, the token fueling the Neblio Network, a decentralized next-generation blockchain platform that provides apps and services for businesses. There still exists a high demand for blockchain technology in the enterprise market, and Neblio intends to meet the needs to this market.



The Neblio blockchain is built specifically for the development of distributed apps in the business and enterprise field, providing an intuitive interface for people without tech or blockchain backgrounds to interact with. Furthermore, Neblio will be open-source, facilitating private transactions and app deployments through multi-language RESTful APIs.

Neblio uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, in which holders of the NEBL cryptocurrency use their tokens as votes to verify blocks in the blockchain. This incentivizes network users to hold their tokens and contribute to the stability of the ecosystem.

Neblio offers several services such as records management on a decentralized ledger, regulatory compliance and audit trails due to permanence of transactions on the blockchain, and communication of next-gen Internet of Things devices.

They also offer a wallet, the Neblio Orion, with NTP1 support for storing and staking your NEBL.

Being made available on Cred will expose NEBL to a wider audience, particularly investors new to crypto or yet unaware of the project. It will also put Neblio in front of its target audience of enterprise users, stakers and crypto traders.

The Launch of Cred

Cred plans to have about 20 cryptocurrencies, including Neblio, on offer, which makes it an exciting new platform for anyone looking to take their crypto portfolio to the next level.

The app is currently only available in the U.S. states of Missouri, Montana, Massachusetts, and California. But working side by side with such a high-profile mentor as Science Inc. will likely lead to some exciting expansion in the next few months. The future for Cred certainly looks promising.

For a closer look at the Cred app, take a look at this short showcase from the 2018 Science Blockchain conference.

You can learn more about the Cred app on their website.

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