EOS Dev. Block.One To Perform Identity Checks On Users On Its Blockchain-Powered Social Platform

Block.One unveiled their yet-to-be-launched blockchain-based social media platform, Voice, during the B1 KeyNote on June 1.

Per the announcement, Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer proclaimed that Voice will be different from every other social media platform. Taking note of the downsides of centralized social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, Voice will be free of hidden algorithms, content-pushing mechanisms, fake accounts, and bots.

One of the ways Block.One intends to achieve this is by verifying the identity of every single user against a government-issued ID, according to a report by CoinDesk.

Voice Will Not Preserve Privacy, It’s Building a Self-Sustaining Economy

The new social media platform does not support anonymity, as it wants each and every one of its users to have a “voice” that’s tied to them. It’s of vital importance that everyone on the platform is real, because Voice will become more than a social media platform.

As described by Blumer during the announcement:

“What we’re aiming for is a truly self-sustaining economy of thoughts and ideas, where what’s good for the platform is good for the users, too. It’s never been more important to know that who we are interacting with and who we are getting information from is a real person who’s accountable for what they share.”

In an effort to ensure people sign up to Voice and verify their identity, Block.One said they will pay to verify the identity of each and every user on their platform. According to sources speaking with CoinDesk, the identity verification will vary from country to country, but all will require government IDs.

Right off the get go, Voice is setting itself apart from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which face significant challenges with disinformation, abuse, bots, and other challenges.

Voice Is Having a Fair Launch and Striving for Mass Adoption

During the Voice announcement event, the founder of EOS and co-founder of Block.One, Dan Larimer, explained that the decentralized Voice economy will be governed by the Voice token.

Larimer said:

“We believe everyone deserves a voice. This is why the voice token has the fairest distribution in the world.”

Per the announcement, Larimer explained that each Voice user will receive tokens every day just for showing up. You can then use these tokens to elevate your voice (i.e. messages and posts) to be seen by more people. If someone elevates their post higher than yours, you get your tokens back and then some more.

When you receive likes, you get more tokens. When you have trending posts, you’ll earn more tokens. All of the tokenomics have not yet been revealed, but Voice is poised to be a revolutionary, new self-sustaining economy in the world of social media.

As for adoption, Block.One garnered $4 billion in the EOS token sale last year in June. Therefore, the company has a significant amount of money, a large portion of which will go towards an aggressive marketing campaign.

Block.One understands that adoption is the biggest hurdle for any social media platform to clear, and they are prepared and ready to take on all challenges to achieve mass adoption.

Will Voice offer a better social experience than any other social media platform to date? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.