Week in Review: January 18 – 24

One week in crypto feels like a year.”

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!

A snapshot into the last 168 hours in the world of cryptocurrency and Invest In Blockchain!

After last week’s Black Tuesday event, the cryptocurrency market seems to be recovering and we are seeing bullish sentiment picking up in the community. A week ago today, the market dipped below $450 billion in overall market cap from $800 billion not too long ago.

However, the current market conditions are improving and we are now sitting at a $549 billion overall market cap and moving up. Our 2018 expectations are still bullish, just the normal January Slump in play.

At Invest In Blockchain, it has been another fantastic week! The IIB Community voted on the coin for Giveaway #9 and ICON beat up Ethereum by 2%. You can now take your chance at winning $100 worth of ICX!

Tons of great stories were featured on Invest In Blockchain this week but let’s take you through a few of our favorites:

1) Crypto’s January Slump – When Can We Expect a Recovery?

As mentioned in our introduction, January, for some reason, has been rough on the cryptocurrency market. Is it due to the holidays? Natural corrections? New money leaving? FUD? Or maybe a combination of all of this? Anna Snyder takes us through all of the possibilities to try and make sense of this recurring theme in cryptocurrency.

2) What is Request Network and Why Should You Invest?

Just like ICON, Request Network has become a hot commodity in the crypto world. Often referred to as a PayPal 2.0, $REQ is on its way to becoming a top tier payment solution. Elton Brauer gives us a full overview that covers everything you need to know about Request Network.

3) What is ICON (ICX)?

ICON has become one of the most talked-about coins of 2018. Abhimanyu Krishnan looks into the ICON project and breaks down how they are trying to “hyperconnect” the world through blockchain. Remember to head over to our Twitter for a chance to win $100 worth of ICX!

4) 5 Sub-25 Million Market Cap Coins That Have Promise (Investment Opinion)

High Risk High Reward. Low cap coins are known as the “hidden gems” in cryptocurrency. While these projects have very high upside due to their low market cap, they also come with a ton of risk because the projects are usually not as established as high cap coins. Deepak Parmar takes us through a few of his favorite sub $25M market cap coins in this week’s Investment Opinion.


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