Coinbase $900M Record Of Ethereum Trading Volume Since Latest Bull Run – Is Ethereum About To Explode?

Like most other altcoins, Ethereum (ETH) has risen quickly in the recent bull run – and data from TradingView, based on Coinbase market info, shows that trading volume for the 2nd largest token by market cap is at its highest since the bull run of 2017. Ethereum has risen from roughly $170 to $250 over the past 30 days.

The data is a very positive sign for the token, which had been trading places with Ripple in late 2018. Data for the trading pairs of ETH/BTC and ETH/USD show that roughly $900 million has been traded between May 13 and May 19. Some have suggested that Ethereum may outperform Bitcoin in the next bull run.

Binance also reported its largest orders since the run of late 2017, and there are plenty of positives signs that show several of the major tokens are on the brink of an explosion. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, in an interview, also said that there were several technical indicators that point to a bull run – the time frame for which he put at a few months from now. So far, his prediction has been holding up.

Whether or not this bull run will hold, and is setting the stage for new all-time highs, cannot be predicted, but there is more reason than ever to believe that crypto is taking off into the mainstream.

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