Binance Reports Record Numbers: “More Orders Than January of 2018” – Bullish Indicator?

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, has stated that Binance has seen a trading volume that trumps that of the last great market bull run in January 2018.

Zhao was interviewed on CNBC’s Crypto Trader segment, speaking to Ran Neuer, and was excited by the number of orders now being placed on the exchange. The optimism that Zhao has for the market is summed up neatly in his statement on growth in basic indicators,

…the trading volume per transaction, the number of transactions, the number of orders people are submitting, is at an all-time high. We’re actually seeing more orders than January of 2018. It’s just that now, the Bitcoin price is a little bit lower, so the total trading volume in US dollars seems lower. But we’re actually seeing – trading volume wise, system load wise – we’re at an all-time high. And user registrations jumped as well. So all indications are things are going up. Every piece of data we have is going up right now.

Zhao said the increase in numbers coincided with the recent surge in Bitcoin’s rise in price, which saw Bitcoin cross the $5000 mark. Search volume has also increased in recent times.

Zhao Optimistic, Binance Seeing Refinements

Zhao, naturally, is hopeful of Bitcoin and the market’s prospects for 2019, having said that “everyone will be in crypto”.

Binance as an exchange has also been preparing for a much bigger market, with plans to open up offices in Malta already in place. The exchange has also launched the testnet for its Binance DEX, which is expected to go completely live at the end of April.

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