Brave Browser is HTC Exodus’ Default Browser

The Basic Attention Token project, supported by the notable Brave Browser, is the recipient of more good news as CEO Brendan Eich announced that the Brave Browser will be the default browser of HTC’s upcoming blockchain-powered smartphone Exodus.

The defining selling point of the Exodus phone is its focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency payments. HTC has marketed the device as being extremely secure for crypto transactions which, despite the bear market, is gaining credibility among the wider financial world as an authentic asset class.

While the HTC exodus possesses traits worthy of any flagship smartphone, its uniqueness comes from the built-in cryptocurrency storage and security features, effectively doubling as a cryptocurrency wallet.

HTC has developed its own blockchain, and every Exodus phone is a node on the network.

The Exodus is not the only blockchain-centric smartphone on the market, with Sirin Lab’s FINNEY also causing quite a stir. It holds many of the same features as the Exodus, but runs on its own token called SRN.

HTC, which was once a major player in the smartphone space, will be betting on the Exodus to regain some of its former glory. The announcement of the phone elicited a loud positive response among the crypto community.

BAT and Brave Expanding

The Brave Browser is an integral part of the BAT ecosystem, offering features such as convenient tipping mechanisms for verified publishers. It has gained in popularity over the year, having grown its user base to nearly 5 million users and onboarding over 8,000 publishers, and continues to grow.

The browser is heavily focused on refining the web browsing experiences for users by decreasing load times, optimizing performance and, most importantly, removing ads.

Last month, one community member drew a clever conclusion that Imgur, the image-hosting website, could be Brave’s next partner. Should that be true, it would be an enormous boost for the project.

Tackling Google’s Chrome browser is a sizable challenge, and Brave should be proud of the progress they have made.

2019 will likely bring further refinement of the platform and content creator-focused features. One interesting development to monitor will be the application of features relating to ads. The onboarding of more advertising partners will no doubt bring further recognition.

The HTC Exodus is expected to launch soon, though there is no specific date. Users can join the early access program and purchase the phone with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Download the Brave Browser.

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