Sirin Labs Releases its Blockchain Smartphone, FINNEY

FINNEY, the first blockchain phone, has been released to the public by Israel-based Sirin Labs during its launch event in Barcelona on November 29, 2018.

The blockchain phone by Sirin Labs is of premium quality with a price tag of US$999. The phone is the first of its kind utilizing blockchain technology at its core, enabling users the secure use of blockchain products. The phone can sufficiently run decentralized applications (dapps), and securely transact and store cryptocurrencies.

Not only is FINNEY a blockchain phone, but it’s also considered a premium smartphone built with the highest of standards and comparable with the likes of Apple and Samsung. The phone supports all the industry standard features including a 12MP camera, 128GB of built-in storage with expandable memory, and more.

In anticipation of the FINNEY phone coming to market, Sirin Labs created their very own crypto token, SRN, which has been available for quite some time. SRN is a utility token and used in the SIRIN LABS ecosystem.

As described in their whitepaper:

…purchasing SIRIN LABS’s products, applications and services from the moment the SRN tokens are issued and distributed to crowdsale participants (24hr. after crowdsale ends). Moreover, special discounts will be given to SRN Token holders who pre-order or purchase products from SIRIN LABS using their SRN tokens.

As mentioned in the whitepaper, FINNEY phone purchases made with SRN tokens will receive a 10% discount. At the time of writing, SRN is trading for around $0.08.

FINNEY’s Operating System and Features

FINNEY blockchain phone
Source: Sirin Labs website

The operating system (OS) powering FINNEY is a fork of Android called SirinOS, which integrates blockchain capabilities and a dapp marketplace in addition to the traditional Google Play Store.

Via the dapp marketplace, users will gain access to a world of new possibilities with new and innovative dapps that enable users to learn about new crypto projects and earn new coins and tokens.

The phone also features a proprietary token conversion service which enables seamless and automatic exchange of supported tokens. Users will not have to send supported tokens to an external exchange as the phone supports this feature.

Another unique and innovative feature supported by FINNEY is a secondary screen called a “safe screen.” The screen is 2 inches wide, located on the back of the phone, and separate from the main screen to provide secure access to the built-in cold storage wallet.

As for the level of security featured by FINNEY, the phone has many features to make it the most secure phone for blockchain and crypto users, such as:

  • Blockchain-based and fully tamper-proof.
  • Runs a behavioral-based intrusion prevention system (IPS).
  • Features secured communications (VoIP, text, email).
  • Offers three-factor authentication: biometric, lock pattern, behavioral.
  • Supports a physical security switch for wallet protection.

Potential Future Partnerships

To increase compatibility and adoption of the SirinOS operating system featured on FINNEY, Sirin Labs wants it implemented in other consumer devices.

At the launch event, they said:

We’re also looking for strategic OEMs to implement SIRIN OS™ in additional consumer devices.

Other phone manufacturers such as HTC, Huawei, ASUS, or Motorola could implement the blockchain-friendly OS into their phones. If done, it could improve the adoption and usage of dapps as more people would have access to the marketplace.

Furthermore, SIRIN LABS has gone into business with Foxconn, the same manufacturer as Apple.

In a recent interview, SIRIN’s CMO, Nimrod May said:

By choosing Foxconn to build the FINNEY, we’re demonstrating the public’s desire to have a mass-market smartphone that is able to safely and securely operate within blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Would you like to own the new FINNEY blockchain phone from Sirin Labs? Do you think this phone will ignite dapp usage and adoption? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Congratulations to SIRIN LABS.
    I would like to own one.

  • DigitalMarketXchange
    Posted December 3, 2018 5:41 pm 0Likes

    Looks like fun! Another addition to the Christmas list.

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