Watch Out Google Chrome! Brave Browser Hits 20 Million Downloads on Android

Brave, the team behind the Brave browser and popular advertising-focused crypto Basic Attention Token (BAT), has hit a significant milestone, marking 20 million downloads on Android, according to AppBrain.

Source: AppBrain


The Brave browser has a significant number of benefits over popular browsers like Google Chrome, as it blocks ads and does not collect user data. The browser also uses far less computing resources.

Brave also recently launched a tipping feature that allows users to tip their favourite content creators with the Basic Attention Token. Users can also reward these content creators for their output, and get rewarded themselves with BAT for viewing advertisements.

In a time where cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications have been struggling to achieve mainstream use and adoption, Brave has been doing well. This is partly because of the quality of the product, and partly because it is being spearheaded by the likes of Mozilla Foundation co-founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich.

In the past year, several publishers have joined the verified publishers list, including The Guardian, The Washington Post and this very site, InvestinBlockhain. It has also been rumored that Imgur could be Brave’s next partner, though there is no confirmation of this yet.


The HTC Blockchain Exodus phone has also made the Brave browser its default browser.

Both the user-friendliness of the Brave browser and the exposure gained through developments mentioned above have given it a genuine growth that is rarely seen in the cryptocurrency space.

Brave browser has done phenomenally well in the past year, hitting several impressive milestones, including rapidly growing its user base. As of January 2019, its active user base stands at over 5.5 million monthly active users.

It may be a long way to go before Brave can beat Google Chrome’s hold on the market, with the latter being the most popular browser by far, controlling over 60% of the market. But with the steady growth the Brave browser has shown, it could at least give Google Chrome a very good fight in the near future.

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