Tronipay Launches Cross Border eCommerce Solution

The high growth of the market has created new opportunities and attracted talented entrepreneurs to come up with novel business models using the blockchain technology. An example of this of Tronipay, a Fintech payment company that specializes in online monetization solutions, online payments, merchants service, and e-wallet.

“We have integrated and developed payment methods across Latin America, in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina. Our API allows more settlement solutions across the globe and helps the Merchant to collect Locally a get settle international. In Asia, Tronipay has integrated Alipay and Union Pay,”

Says Paulo Samuels, COO of Tronipay.

Tronipay has extended options for cross-border eCommerce in Brazil for Boleto and card processing. Tronipay’s payment platform provides gateway services, processing and collecting, fraud prevention for both Brazilian and international merchants, Visa & MasterCard card processing, prepaid debit card solutions, banking and payment solutions, and currency exchange.

Also, the company has launched its Tronipay (TRP) currency. This will be very useful for users since it will have the great differentiator of being a currency with instant liquidity through the TronipayCard, where users can withdraw at  ATMs and buy worldwide. You can get your token on,,,,,, and soon it will be on more exchanges.

The objective of the TRP is to be an integral part of the Tronipay ecosystem, where customers can have all the solutions for their business or personal life within a single click. Living with financial freedom is a decision that cannot wait. Tronipay is the ideal solution, with a global platform where you can make transactions in an agile, simplified and secure way. Paulo Samuels said,

“What makes our project different is that our TRP is not like any token you have seen. Our company Tronipay has been in business since 2014, helping international merchants to sell locally in Latin America mainly in Brazil, our payment platform has integrated payment solutions such as Visa, MasterCard and Amex,”

In Brazil, Tronipay is one of the biggest companies to process Boleto and provide an API for international merchant to accept this payment method. Today we have 13 thousand Tronipay users and over 100 Merchants processing through our payment platform and wallet.

Tronipay has a partnership with China Union Pay for e-commerce card processing and POS solution in Latin America using Tronipay payment network and provides POS terminals with UnionPay logo to stores in Latin America.

Also, we have launched Tronipay Union Pay Card, which is accepted at ATMs and POSs worldwide. You can use your TronipayCard to withdrawal cash and to purchase in stores since your TRP is linked to your card.

Our platform allows the controlling of different portfolios of digital assets and having access to a mix of services that includes deposits, payments, withdrawals, and transfers of balance to other users. Security is guaranteed by a rigid protocol, with more than 400 rules of analysis, ensuring that your data and contracts are fully protected.

Tronipay is creating a universal decentralized reputation and trust solution that works seamlessly with our UnionPay Card, where users can buy or withdraw from anywhere in the world in the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging smart contract technology. The card is available at

“Today we serve all Latin America and Asia, with payment processing, and with our cards, we can also reach every community of users of crypto-coins since our Tronipay Card-UnionPay is accepted worldwide for purchases and ATM withdrawals,”

Said Samuels.

The company goal is to solve the problems of liquidity, sending and receiving values to other countries presented by the other companies that currently operate globally, offering services of excellence with more advantages.

Tronipay enables companies to reach their full potential in high-growth markets by transacting locally with minimal operational exposure and maximum reach.

Tronipay is making every effort to become the best payment processor in the world, always respecting the users and observing the legislation of the countries in which we operate. For more information, you can write to us at [email protected].