These 2 US Presidential Candidates Accept Bitcoin Donations

The upcoming 2020 US presidential election is unlike any other, as there are now two 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who are openly in support of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to a report from Yahoo Finance.

The first Democrat is Andrew Yang, who’s already well known among the cryptocurrency community. Yang spoke on a panel at the Consensus 2019 conference in New York last week, where he said:

“I believe blockchain needs to be a big part of our future. If I’m in the White House, oh boy are we going to have some fun in terms of the cryptocurrency community.”

As for the other candidate, his name is Eric Swallwell and he just recently announced that he’s accepting cryptocurrency donations and supports blockchain’s innovative technology.

Per his announcement he said:

“Blockchain can change the world—if we let it. Is there a risk? Sure. That’s why we must test, re-test, and constantly monitor such systems for interference or abuses by using expert oversight. We can do that, with the transparency and accountability to ensure public trust… Government has to keep up with the times, and the times have changed. We must study, but ultimately embrace these new frontiers.”

Presidential Candidates Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

Yang, touted as being the “Bitcoin candidate,” is no longer alone in accepting cryptocurrency donations, which he has been doing so for nearly a year now.

Swallwell’s campaign just began using The White Company, a blockchain payments processing firm that accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and its own stablecoin WSD.

Moreover, Swallwell was asked by Yahoo Finance what he thought about Yang as the already-established crypto reputation. DemocrTo this, he said:

“I’m glad to see other candidates using innovative technologies in their campaigns. I’ve long supported integrating new technologies into the way we work.”

All in all, it appears that American crypto enthusiasts have some presidential candidates to cheer for and support in the 2020 Presidential race.

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