Roger Ver Claims “Anything Bitcoin (BTC) Can Do, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Can Do Better”

Roger Ver, CEO of, angel investor in Bitcoin (BTC), and big-time proponent for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), is notorious for stirring things up in the Bitcoin community as he continuously bashes Bitcoin (BTC) and supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Ver’s most recent comments to get a rise out of crypto community members came during the latest episode on’s YouTube channel, which featured Bitcoin Jesus (Roger Ver); Gabriel Cardona; Aska Eiki, a BCH promoter in Japan; and Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of

During the episode, Ver reiterated comments made by Gabriel Cardona, the Director of Developer Services and head of R&D at Bitcoin Cash, who stated:

“Anything Bitcoin [BTC] can do, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] can do better.”

Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network Hyped up by Newbies?

Though the episode did not start off with a debate about whether Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash was better, it quickly veered in this direction after Cardona brought up Bitcoin’s scaling solution – the lightning network (LN).

Bitcoin’s lightning network has gained a lot of traction as of late. The symbolic Bitcoin lightning torch is being passed around by some very prominent individuals in the space, generating a lot of hype.

As well, the tipping services platform, which is powered by Bitcoin and the lightning network, now allows users to send BTC from their custodial wallets and is compatible with Twitter through a chrome extension.

According to Cardona, all of this generated hype about the lightning network is mostly by newbies who were not present or are unaware of the Bitcoin scaling debate that took place in 2014-2015. He also added that the LN user experience falls short when compared to Bitcoin Cash.

Others on the show added that several social media campaigns plus censorship have misguided people to believe LN is a better scaling solution than increasing the block size, as seen in Bitcoin Cash. Ver added that the timeliness of LN is nothing compared to that of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin LN Lacks User Adoption?

Citing the official Bitcoin Cash wallet, Ver stated that Bitcoin’s LN adoption rate is nothing to that of Bitcoin Cash, stating:

“ onboards more people to Bitcoin Cash in a single day than the Lightning Network has ever onboarded in its entire history.”

Adding to this was Oldenburg, who stated that people know Bitcoin is not usable and needs the lightning network. He then announced that Schnorr Signatures will be coming to Bitcoin Cash, and proclaimed that it will enable lightning network usages on Bitcoin Cash, stating:

“Our Lightning Network will, in theory, work better… the Lightning Network is absolutely a horrible user experience, we all know this.”

To end the episode, Cardona lambasted Bitcoin and its proponents one last time, stating that they are blinded by branding and are ignoring what the real value of cryptocurrency is.

The entire episode can be seen below:

Why do you think Bitcoin Cash proponents consistently lambast Bitcoin and its supporters? Do you think Ver and Cardona have any merit to their claims? Let us know in the comment section below.