Ripple CEO: Bank Of England Is Our Paid Client

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, revealed last year that the Bank of England is a paid Ripple customer. Garlinghouse was speaking at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit at the time,

This year-old video has relevance as the Bank of England’s Deputy Governor, Dave Ramsden, mentioned how the bank was looking into “examining cross-border challenges” and generally looking into the concept of cryptocurrencies,

Ramsden had earlier said that that the crypto market would not be a threat to market stability.

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, recently mentioned that there was an opportunity for the use of Ripple’s technology. Speaking at the Innovate Finance Global Summit, Carney spoke about embracing innovative technological solutions, including decentralized payment systems. Carney said,

The second great wave of globalisation is cresting. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is just beginning. And a new economy is emerging. That new economy requires a new finance. A new finance to serve the digital economy, a new finance to support the major transitions underway across the globe, and a new finance to increase the financial sector’s resilience.

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