Sweepstakes Creation and Management Made Easy with Pryze!

If you’ve ever wanted to include contests or sweepstakes in your marketing strategy but didn’t know how, Pryze is making it super easy.

Since announcing the Partner Portal earlier this year, Pryze has been heads-down developing its self-service interface for sweepstakes organizers. Where previously, partners were required to have their developers run lines of code on the blockchain, they are now completely self-sufficient.

The whole premise behind the Pryze platform is its simplicity and ease of use. That shouldn’t be reserved just for the consumers but should begin with those creating and running the sweepstakes. Now, not only do contest entrants have one place to seamlessly enter as many sweepstakes as they like, but creators too have a portal to simply plug in and submit new sweepstakes onto the blockchain.

Co-founders Peter Franklin and Gil Penchina set out to create Pryze as the world’s first automated sweepstakes protocol, built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Pryze platform solves the issues of trust, escrow, administration and legal compliance, by reducing the cost of running a traditional sweepstake. By decentralizing the submission and selection process, Pryze aims to uphold an unrivaled level of trust and accountability between sweepstakes entrants and organizers– currently an area with very little insight.

Furthermore, users will be able to leverage the Pryze protocol as a platform for marketing and social engagement, thereby providing a comprehensive approach to sweepstakes and giveaways. Whether you’re trying to grow your user-base for online coding courses, like App Academy, or marketing your future ICO, Pryze makes it that much easier.

As co-founder Gil Penchina put it:

Pryze is currently the cheapest marketing tool for new blockchain projects on the internet..allowing the community to hear about new offerings… basically a must-buy for pre-sale.

And it’s no wonder. According to a study by Jupiter Research, more than 80% of all internet users have participated in some sort of online contest or sweepstakes in the past year!

By taking the old tried-and-true method of marketing and user engagement, and revamping it on the blockchain, Pryze stands to help bridge the gap between those not yet aware of blockchain technologies and what is evidently sure to come!

This is also in alignment with the partners that have chosen to team up with Pryze, such as The Rouge Project. This blockchain-based coupon company similarly puts a fresh coat of paint on an old marketing industry by identifying current pain-points (such as coupon fraud or double redemption), and leveraging blockchain technologies for the benefit of all parties.

People should not be surprised that blockchain will enter main street with the most anodyne little applications and not too big not to fail grand scheme. And that’s exactly what’s Pryze is going to prove with sweepstakes with their simple and elegant solution. 

– Naira d’Arcollières, Founder of The Rouge Project

Given how easy users can enter sweepstakes on the Pryze platform, it only makes sense that creating one should be as well. The features of the long-awaited Pryze Partner Portal mimic the feel of a consumer application. It’s not meant to be a clunky enterprise version of the platform — because let’s face it, no one likes using those.

Some features include start and end dates, number of entries and user statistics, as well as social sharing options. Sweepstakes organizers, whether a marketing intern at a large firm or a new CEO working out of a garage, can simply enter the details of their sweepstakes and submit them onto the blockchain.

The magic of the Pryze protocol takes care of all the rest on the backend!

By enabling a simple and hassle-free user experience for contest organizers, Pryze may just be that little push to get older, established companies to explore the possibilities of blockchain technologies — in a totally non-intimidating way! Plus, with the way things are moving towards the blockchain and decentralization, nobody wants to get left behind and Pryze wants to help.

If you’d like to step up your marketing strategy, check out the Pryze Partner Portal and get started on a sweepstakes!

Interested in learning more about some of Pryze’s current and past sweepstakes? Explore The Pryze Post blog page, or download their app on iOS and Android, and enter some sweepstakes for yourself!

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