People Finally See The Potential Of Ethereum – Half Of Cryptocurrencies Are Built Atop Its Blockchain

Ethereum has been on the receiving end of some praise from investors, including from the likes of Mike Novogratz, who has said that “Ethereum is way ahead of Bitcoin.”

However, a more notable kind of progress that Ethereum is making is the fact that several big name companies are encouraging development on the platform, including Microsoft, which has recently released a development kit for millions of developers on its Azure cloud platform.

As previously reported by IIB, more than half of the Forbes 50 billion dollar firms are building applications on top of the Ethereum blockchain, a development that has the possibility to establish massive adoption for Ethereum.

Ethereum is seen as a platform that can help bring about Web 3.0, an evolution of the internet that is truly decentralized.

Ethereum has also been doing well in the market, with its price crossing the $260 mark today.