Pablo Escobar’s Brother Owned Bitcoin Trademark

Before all of the drama surrounding Craig Wright and his legal copyright battle for Bitcoin’s trademark, the brother of famed Colombian drug pin Pablo Escobar formerly owned the Bitcoin trademark, according to official documents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the documents, Pablo’s brother Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria, otherwise known as “Little Bear,” was the name on the application for Bitcoin’s trademark that was filed in July 2018.

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The documents state that the company owning the Bitcoin trademark was Coin Legal Ltd. – a UK-registered company founded in June 2018 by Roberto Escobar. Therefore, it appears that the former drug pin’s brother was initially planning a business that wanted to own the Bitcoin trademark.

However, nothing has come of Coin Legal Ltd., and its ownership of the Bitcoin trademark as the trademark’s application has since been forfeited and taken over by Craig Wright.

Escobar Gave Up the Bitcoin Trademark

According to the Bitcoin Trademark documents and reported by CCN, Escobar’s company was in control of Bitcoin’s name for just 4 months before Wright, widely known as “Faketoshi” by the crypto community, made his own Bitcoin trademark claims.

Wright filed a claim for the Bitcoin trademark in November 2018, following which the US trademark office gave Escobar 6 months to contest this claim.

As stated in the document sent to Escobar:

“To avoid abandonment of applicant’s trademark application, the USPTO must receive the applicant’s complete response to this letter within 6 months of the issue/mailing date below.”

Escobar failed to respond within the designated time period, which allowed Wright to claim the Bitcoin trademark as his own.

However, as previously reported by IIB, Wright is still not being recognized as Satoshi by the greater crypto community and the US Copyright Office. And, if Roberto Escobar being the previous bearer of the Bitcoin trademark teaches us anything, it’s that mere ownership does not necessarily mean a person is Satoshi.

Do you think someone else will file for the Bitcoin trademark and challenge Wright? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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    Yes, I will file for the Bitcoin trademark and challenge Craig Wright’s application…

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      Hello Jim Bone

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