Omise Partners with Credit Saison

Thailand’s favourite fintech startup, Omise, has partnered with Japanese financial services company, Credit Saison. This is the third key partnership announced by Omise in the past two months.


Omise first launched in Thailand in 2013, and the company has not rested on its laurels since.

As a payment gateway system, Omise is a leading fintech voice in the Asia-Pacific region and is active in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. It has also ventured into the blockchain space and remains a name to look out for, especially in regional markets, as it boasts potential for a strong use case thanks to its large database of registered users.

Omise Digital Payments Asia

In September, Omise released a back-to-back announcement that it was partnering with McDonald’s Thailand as a payment delivery system, and with Krungsri Finnovate, a subsidiary of Bank of Ayudhya’s Krungsri, who would be funding the startup.

New Partnership with Credit Saison

This week, Omise founder Jun Hasegawa, originally from Japan, announced that the company would be partnering with Credit Saison.

(The original press release can be found here.)

Credit Saison boasts 20 million credit card holders in Japan and is the 3rd largest credit card issuer in the country. Japan is also a major cryptocurrency player.

While the partnership centers around tuition payments for now, it’s the beginning of a promising relationship that could very easily bridge the gap between traditional payments and blockchain-based payment systems.

Building Blockchain Applications

Omise is an agile company that is actively working towards being a key player in the blockchain economy, and these partnerships are set to support existing developments and strengthen the company’s ability to venture into new ideas.

Currently, Omise is working on Omise FacePay, an AI and facial recognition software for loyalty programs, and Chatbot, a Facebook chatbot for WooCommerce plugin-users who want to extend their customer reach to the popular social network.

Omise’s Blockchain Lab was also one of the first corporate supporters of the Ethereum DevGrant, and has since morphed into OmiseGO.

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OmiseGO is a blockchain subsidiary. This Ethereum-based platform is designed to supplement the existing traditional payment network that Omise maintains throughout Southeast Asia by bridging the systems used to transfer and trade money and internet-stored value items like loyalty points and game tokens. Instead of having to sync between using different payment and transfer systems, users can use a standardized transaction wallet such as OmiseGO.

OmiseGo blockchain wallet features

We’re keen to see what the future has in store for Omise and, by extension OmiseGO, thanks to partnerships such as these.