Pay for Your Next Vacation With Cryptocurrencies With Online Travel Agency More Stamps Global

Just about a decade ago, the first cryptocurrency was introduced to the world. It was called Bitcoin, and it has an amazing feature that guarantees peer-to-peer transactions in a trustless manner. Since then, different kinds of cryptocurrencies have been created to meet the different needs of the global marketplace.

While a lot of hype is put on cryptocurrencies as investment assets, there is just as much concern placed on how to use these cryptocurrencies in practical terms. While there are a number of blockchain projects fueled by the staking and circulation of tokens, some companies and organizations have embraced the use of cryptocurrencies for making real-world transactions.

One of those companies is More Stamps Global.

What is More Stamps Global?

More Stamps Global is an online travel agency based in Hungary that renders their services globally. The company was born out of the inclination to offer hassle-free movement to the traveling population of the world. Just like the names implies, the company hopes to help you put more stamps on your passport.

The company has an online platform where anyone can make flight bookings (both domestic and international), hotel bookings, tour packages, and more. The platform is designed to get the best travel deals for its users, and it is available in different languages to cater for users from different parts of the world.

The standout feature of this platform is the fact that these bookings can be paid for with over 40 cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, BCH, ZEC, BNT and more.

According to CEO Patrick Amoah, the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is “equipping [MSG] with a potent weapon to revolutionize the travel and tourism industry.”

How More Stamp Global Works

The More Stamps Global website has listings of popular travel cities (and hotels) and a search bar to custom search a user’s location and destination. From this information, all available flights connecting those 2 places will be displayed as shown below:

From here, the user can book a flight. The required information will be requested, and the user can then pay in any of the desired payment methods offered. The price is quoted in fiat currencies such as the US Dollar and Pound Sterling, but payments can be made in any of the offered cryptocurrencies.

With the aim of providing users with the best, unique travel deals, More Stamps Global offers over 190 international flights and 25,000 tours and packages. For them, customer satisfaction is a top priority.

The online platform is live and functioning, and the company sees itself as the online travel agency of the crypto world. In the future, they intend to accept as many as 300 cryptocurrencies on their platform.


The use cases for various cryptocurrencies are beginning to pick up steam. More Stamps Global is positioned to disrupt the travel and tourism industry by providing a practical use value for cryptocurrencies. Having a platform like MSG that accepts cryptocurrencies helps to create a positive public sentiment about cryptocurrencies.

Visit the More Stamps Global website now to book and pay for your holiday with cryptocurrencies. Stay in touch with the company via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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