Japan’s Cryptoeconomic Cloud Storage Network, Module, Plans to Upend Cloud Storage with Your Help

There’s no doubt about it, the world is fascinated by blockchain technology, but predictably there has also been a loud chorus of naysayers pointing out the limitations of the technology since day one. Certainly, the nascent technology does bump up against problems that need solving by the industry.

However, whether you are new to the world of cryptocurrency or not, you have probably heard of complications like Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining’s excessive energy consumption or the risks of cloud storage being hacked.

The Module platform may have come up with a tool that offers the solution. According to the developers, your mobile device could be the way of the future in blockchain and P2P cloud storage.

The company’s P2P Cloud Storage Network (PCSN) allows anyone anywhere to contribute storage space from their own mobile devices in exchange for MODL tokens. This creates a cost-effective and safe decentralized space for anyone to store their data, which is secured with client-side encryption, and ensures much greater reliability than any other existing protocol.

According to Module, distributed storage networks offer significant advantages compared to server-based cloud storage, because they are more resistant to data hacks.

Data storage is a big stakes game in today’s digital world. International names like Amazon, Dropbox, and iCloud offer cloud storage services, as do decentralized competitors like Filecoin, Storj, MaidSafe, and Sia.

But none of them offers the ingenious, cost-effective platform that Module does, specifically because it is a decentralized system that does not store information in just one place. It employs a unique “secret sharing” capability, which encrypts sensitive information and divides it into fragmentary pieces of information that are then stored in a multitude of separate places, namely mobile devices. Information cannot be reproduced with only one fragment, so it’s already got a robust built-in anti-hacking solution.

By combining blockchain technology and secret sharing, Module is able to deliver higher security and convenience on their P2P cloud storage system. Thanks to Module, the world of P2P cloud computing and storage may never look the same again.

Check out their website for more information at modltoken.io


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