MobileGO Product Owner Gives Commentary on New MetaMask Payment Gateway Set to Boost MGO Adoption

In a recent update, the MobileGo team announced the launch of a new application that serves as an intermediary between the MEW and Metamask wallets. The app is available for Google Chrome and is intended to facilitate quick MGO transactions over the Ethereum network, while alleviating users from having to pay GAS fees.

We were lucky enough to have Filip Dimitrijevic, the product owner of MobileGo, answer a few questions for us regarding the project’s new features and get some insight as to what can be expected from the project in the near future.

So, let’s get started! Filip, can you please tell us what spurred the need to make such an app?

At one point in time, I was trying to deposit some MGO tokens into my MetaMask account which I couldn’t do since a custom contract would be required.  Then I came up with an idea: what if we fork Metamask into an MGO-based plugin since MetaMask is open-source?

But after several iterations, we came to the conclusion that this would take more time than we were comfortable with and it would require us to be listed as a separate plug-in. And we wanted to avoid the unnecessary hassle, so we decided to produce a web app.

Following this, I started contemplating how we could further improve the web app features. And I thought, what if we implement the “borrow” function of the Ethereum network to make it so that fees can be paid in MGO rather than in ETH when purchasing things on Xsolla?

And that’s  how we achieved the goal of making single-currency payments instead of common dual-currency systems. The ultimate goal is to make it so that the payment flow with MGO is similar to that of a credit card payment flow, but with lesser fees.

Is the application universal for any platform, game, or site? Meaning are there any additional steps that users need to take from say using it on Xsolla as opposed to somewhere else?

Well, at the moment we are focused on the web app integration with Xsolla. Other than that, the application is universal since anyone can log in on MetaMask using their seed phrase.

In the near future, we’re planning to deploy a payment API which would allow any potential partner to use the app for feeless transactions. We also have a discussion going on right now within the team on how we can make all fees payable with MGO instead if ETH when using the app.

Will users be able to convert other cryptocurrencies into MGO tokens directly within the app? How does that process unfold?

This is a planned feature, but it won’t be available immediately. At the moment, we are actively searching for partners to work on a solution so that we can provide our users with the ability to purchase MGO with cash and other cryptocurrencies directly in the app.

The process is straightforward. A user would add his or her credit card info via one of our integrated trusted partners and receive MGO at their address after purchasing it. The cryptocurrency part is also simple. A user would send tokens to our trusted partners service and receive MGO in exchange.

Can you explain exactly how you were able to avoid making users cover the GAS fees associated with the Ethereum blockchain?

Sure, the Ethereum blockchain has a “borrow” feature which allows one address to “borrow” a specific amount of ETH for payment to another address.

Thanks to this functionality, we can have a central operation address that will send ETH to users of the app. In return, the fee will be calculated in accordance with the current market MGO/ETH rate, and, voila!

Will it be possible to acquire MGO in the future without having to register and jump through additional hurdles on exchanges?

Of course, we are actively working on implementing a solution that will allow our users to purchase MGO directly with minimal hassles.

Xsolla is currently the biggest platform where MGO tokens can be used through this app. Can you provide some insights on which other gaming platforms you are in talks with?

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose such information at this point in time.

But what I can tell you is that we are working on forming several very promising partnerships and are looking to create several games ourselves in which MGO will play a big part. This isn’t final yet, just something that’s actively being discussed internally.

Besides the ability to send MGO through the app, are you looking to add any other features within the near future?

The main focus right now is to make this app a core component of our ecosystem, a convenient way to easily send, receive, spend, and purchase MGO.

Later on we may make an option for developers to easily sell their MGO within the app. As soon as we have a stable core, we will plan out additional features, for sure.

You can learn more about MobileGO by visiting their website.