The Team Behind Hurify

Hurify is solving a rapidly growing issue as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands. Their Ethereum-based marketplace will bridge the supply/demand gap, enabling both small enterprises and developers to realize the technology’s breakthrough.

They are comprised of an eclectic team of industry leaders in business, technology, and IoT, all of whom have notable experience at a range of multi-million dollar companies spanning the globe. Impressively, nearly all of their core members have emigrated to a foreign nation, where they have then succeeded in their chosen discipline.


The Founders

Hurify was founded in 2017 by CEO Mouli Srini and CIO Kavintha Goplan.

Mouli Srini
Mouli Srini is a technological entrepreneur well-versed in project management and leadership, originally a graduate of Pondicherry Engineering College, India. He worked for Intel, Hewlett Packard in system software development and management before going on to found MoboDexter in 2013, where he remains as acting CEO.

For more information, watch this interview where Srini talks about his role as Founder of Hurify:

Kavintha Goplan
A fellow graduate of Pondicherry, Kavintha Goplan co-founded both Hurify and MoboDexter alongside Srini, with 16 years’ experience in the IT industry. Her responsibilities have included domain design, program management, and people management.


The Team

Sridhar Krishnan
As head of engineering at Hurify, Krishnan is notably qualified and experienced in the IT industry. Having graduated from GCE Salem, he specializes in software product development, technical program management, cloud, IoT, and blockchain.

Srinidhi Murthy
Murthy is Hurify’s Solution Head, and he also has roots at MobiDexter, where he works as a Technical Architect. He has a degree in Computer Software Engineering from India’s BDT College of Engineering.


Russell Murphy

The COO of Hurify, Murphy has a long-standing record in business, having founded Murcada Ventures angel stage fund some 20 years ago, where he still acts as CEO. He specializes in business strategy, investment, and advisory, with a focus on technological business.

Ryan Schellhous

With more than 14 years experience in the field, Schellhous is a highly experienced accountant specializing in international tax, as ex-Senior Manager of International Tax for Netflix and Ernst & Young. He is also Managing Principal and Co-founder of IndigoSpire CPAs & Advisors.

The Advisors

Ian Scarffe

Scarffe is an investor, entrepreneur, and consultant with an extensive track record working with start-ups internationally. He is a noted blockchain advisor to many multi-million dollar startups including: ICO Bench, Hurify, Debitum Network, P2P Solutions Foundation, MBAex, and more.

Joshuwa Roomsburg

After 10 years working with celebrities to build their own online brands, Roomsburg is the marketing advisor to Hurify. He is acting CEO of Jaxon Marketing Group, and is currently advising Hurify, Trade Token, Save Droid, Beat Token, and more.

Nasser Rahal

Rahal has a long history working in the architecture field of technological corporations, as the former Chief Technology Architect for IBM and most recently founder and CEO of FaceZero. A graduate of Edinburgh Business School, Rahal has worked across several continents.

Sainath Gupta

A former student at IIIT Hyderbad, Gupta left to successfully co-found Asaanpay, India’s first mobile PoS, and went on to found AnythingAI after his first company was purchased. Gupta has a notable record of entrepreneurship and was an early adopter of blockchain technology.

Colin Koh

Koh specializes in IoT, having completed an MIT program in the area. A prominent speaker in the field of science & technology, Koh has held a number of leadership positions in Singapore including: Director of PC2M Asia Pacific, and is LKH PRECICON’s Senior Manager for Business Development.

Eric Walenza-Slabe

Walenza-Slabe is acting CEO of IoT ONE, a prominent platform facilitating the acceleration of IoT programs. Holding an MA in Chinese Economics from George Washington University and an MBA from Fudan University, Walenza-Slabe is highly established in Shanghai’s IoT industry.

ICO and Other Resources

Hurify’s token sale is currently live, and the sooner you get in on it, the more of a discount you’ll get: 6050 HUR per ETH if you purchase before February 21, and 5775 HUR per ETH before February 28. The tokens can be purchased with BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, BTG, or BCH, and they will be distributed on March 1.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hurify, you can read their whitepaper, join their Telegram, or follow their Twitter.

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