How to Trade on Liqui

Liqui is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. What sets Liqui apart from other exchanges is that they allow its users to invest their Bitcoin and Ethereum, earning 24% APR or 0.066% per day.

Currently, Liqui only offers trading between cryptocurrencies, meaning no fiat currencies are supported yet. According to their website, the Liqui team is working on adding fiat currencies in the future.

If you’re interested in trading your cryptocurrencies on Liqui, getting started is quite simple!

Step 1: Sign Up


Signing up for Liqui is very straightforward. Just fill out the form and agree to their terms of service. You’ll get an email instantly, asking you to verify your account. Just click the link and presto! You’ve made an account on Liqui.


Step 2: Fund Your Account

You’ll need to put some funds into your Liqui account in order to start trading. This means you’ll need to have some cryptocurrency — whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another supported coin — in an external wallet.

In the upper right-hand corner, click “Balances”. Here, you’ll see a long list of supported cryptocurrencies you can deposit into your Liqui account.

Click “Deposit” on the coin you wish to deposit. You’ll receive the deposit address, which you can copy and paste in your wallet to send whatever amount of coins you’d like to your Liqui account.

Now you’re ready to trade cryptocurrencies.

Step 3: Start Trading

It’s very easy to buy and sell coins using Liqui.

Let’s say you have some Bitcoin and want to buy Ether. Just click on “Exchange” at the top of the page.

You can put up your own pricing, decide the amount you want, and click “Buy”.

Or you can scroll down below and find an existing Sell Order that interests you. Click on it and this will auto-populate your order. You can do this for both buying and selling coins.


Step 4: Earn Interest

A unique feature on Liqui is that you can turn your normal account into a “savings account”, earning interest on the coins you hold. Currently, you can choose to invest your Bitcoin or Ether with no fees and withdraw them at any time to use for trading.

You’ll have to keep checking back to get in on this special feature, though, as currently both Bitcoin and Ethereum savings accounts are full. This mean you can’t invest your coins until someone withdraws from their account.

Other Important Info

Trading fees on Liqui are divided into two categories: the maker fee and the taker fee.

The maker is the one whose order exists on the order book prior to the trade. The taker is the one who places the order that matches (or takes) the maker’s order. The same fees apply for all three markets — 0.1% for makers and 0.25% for takers.

Note that there are different withdrawal limits for different types of accounts.

Newly created accounts have a 5,000 USDT (or equivalent) withdrawal limit for the first 24-hour period after creation, 10,000 USDT (or equivalent) for the second 24-hour period, and 15,000 USDT (or equivalent) for the third 24-hour period.

After the 3 days, your account will become a basic account. Basic accounts can currently withdraw 50,000 USDT (or equivalent) per 24 hours.

You can also get an enhanced account if you obtain verification. Enhanced accounts can withdraw 500,000 USDT (or equivalent) per day with two-factor enabled. To get started with verification, you must submit a ticket to and the support staff will help you complete the process.

Also be aware that some people report that Liqui’s support can be very slow, should you find yourself needing their help. There have also been some reports of coins getting lost when trying to withdraw.

As with any exchange, be aware of the risks of keeping your coins on exchanges, as there is always the chance that you can be hacked.