Game Studio Brings Star Trek to the Blockchain Game

Star Trek, the popular American science fiction television series, is coming to the blockchain as game developer Lucid Sight teams up with media firm CBS to bring Star Trek gameplay and collectibles to the blockchain.

As reported by CoinDesk, Lucid Sight will bring Star Trek’s iconic starships into a digital universe through a space-based game called CSC later this year. For a limited time, CSC players will be able to purchase these unique digital collectibles of starships utilizing Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard.

As stated by Lucid Sight CTO and co-founder Fazri Zubair:

“Star Trek inspired me at a young age to pursue a career in technology, it is such a privilege to get the chance to bring ‘Star Trek’ into a new frontier with the first blockchain U.S.S. Enterprise.”

Ethereum’s ERC-721 Standard Collectibles

The collectible items will be playable in the CSC game and can be fully traded in-game or outside of CSC in third-party marketplaces.

Per the report, CSC will be an open-universe game built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Players will be able to command starships and harvest and craft unique items on Ethereum. The ERC-721 standard will be used to provide provable, transferable, transparent, and delegated control of the game’s assets.

As previously reported by IIB, just last month someone reportedly paid over $100,000 for a non-fungible token (NFT) representing a virtual Formula 1 race car. Clearly, these Ethereum-based NFT tokens can potentially be worth a lot of money.

How much do you think a unique Star Trek starship will sell for? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.