Free Market Token Announces a Revenue-Generating Bond Token Release and the Big Winners Are ICO Contributors

Gold Coast, Australia, Friday 31 August 2018 – Free Market Token announced a pioneering position in the blockchain space – a revenue generating bond token, the ECS token, that will be airdropped to their ICO contributors.

The new bond ECS token generates a return on investment from profits of Ecryptostore by being a debt token that is vested for 30 years, meaning ECS holders can earn an interest payment for 30 years to come. The bond token will pay 3-10% of net profits from Ecryptostore to those who have ECS tokens.

Arguably the best news right now is for the Free Market Token ICO contributors – who will be airdropped their ECS tokens prorated on their ICO contribution.

Free Market Token is set to disrupt the peer-to-peer ecommerce sector and the way users interact with advertising, with its platform Ecryptostore is a functioning peer-to-peer ecommerce platform that allows users to buy and sell with cryptocurrency or fiat.

The FMT token powers advertising and marketing across the wider Free Market Token ecosystem including, the upcoming augmented reality game and future platforms. Revenue is generated from multiple sources within the ecosystem – incentivized gift marketing, digital interactive billboards, crypto transaction fees, fiat transaction fees, in-game purchases and traditional advertising and location-based bounties.

The team have not disappointed throughout the ICO with continual upgrades to Ecryptostore, announcing partnerships with Ainslie Bullion, the first cryptocurrency land sale on Ecryptostore and an agreement with one of the largest University unions to pioneer an Augmented Reality game, resulting in tens of thousands of users of the FMT wallet and token.

With the agreements in place to allow crypto-to-fiat and fiat-fiat settlement direct to bank accounts we can focus on bringing on larger merchants into the ecosystem, this in-turn will drive revenue and provide a better return for ECS bond token holders whilst allowing the FMT tokens to power the advertising and transactions as it intended to.

— Nathan Burns, Free Market Token Co-founder

Free Market Token is currently in the final week of their token sale and with this latest news benefiting the ICO contributors, these last days are set to be extremely interesting.


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