Every Major Organisation Holds Bitcoin, Says ex Coinbase CTO

Former CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, has tweeted that every major organization in the world holds “some BTC as it’s the one universally valued instrument.”

It is certainly true that some organizations, and even entire countries, hold a lot of Bitcoin, which could potentially give them a great boost to the economy should the value of Bitcoin reach the great heights that many foretell.

Srinivasan also said that the entire tech industry would ultimately be rebuilt on public blockchains, from funding and payments to messaging and identity management,

He went to say that location will become less important, as entrepreneurs and companies will not be beholden to Silicon Valley for funding or Wall Street for exits. Entities will soon have the capabilities to do just as much with just an internet connection.

Srinivasan recently resigned from Coinbase, one of many high-profile departures from the exchange, and is “taking a bit of time off to get back in shape.”