EOS Community Accuses CEO of Never Finishing his Projects

The EOS (EOS) community is criticizing EOS for the fact that it begins multiple initiatives, without always seeing them through to their fullest, following the June 2 announcement that Block.One is building a crypto-based social media platform on EOS. Voice is a dapp and not a separate platform, but users still think that the effort is extraneous.

Users on Reddit vented their frustration, saying such things as,

“Dan Larimer creates his platforms quickly, and abandons them even quicker”

And referring to the now all-but-dead Steemit platform, which was a blogging platform where users could be rewarded with tokens.

The social media platform, a dapp called Voice, was announced with much hype, but a good chunk of EOS investors do not seem sold on the idea. One Reddit user, Kpenney, described the sentiment accurately,


Another user, coinplz, pointed out that social media is a pressing problem in the world right now, but was reserved about whether Voice could correct the problem,


Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer had previously said that “great things take time”, in response to community questions on development.