EOS Biggest Announcement Ever To Be Revealed Tomorrow

After months of anticipation and speculation, tomorrow will reveal all! We have been waiting for this apparent “biggest announcement ever” – scheduled for June 1, 2019 – since around March this year, but the community still has no idea what the announcement will be related to.

However, this has not stopped people speculating as to what the announcement may be. Perhaps one of the most exciting guesses revolves around some form of government regulation or partnership, after Dan Larimer, CEO of Block.One, posted the following message on the EOS group chat:

The message stated that Trump’s advisors know about Block.One (and presumably EOS), and “everyone in DC” wants to talk to Block.One. This has got people even more excited due to the fact that Block.One has already suggested that the announcement will take place in Washington DC itself in their cryptic tweet about the B1 “Big Announcement” on June 1, 2019.

What Else Could the Announcement Be?

Another educated guess is that the announcement will be a decentralized social media platform. This stems from the fact that Dan Larimer was the creator of the Steem.IT project, a decentralized social media platform built on the blockchain. This sentiment was taken even further forward after Larimer’s Tweets from February:

There could be some truth to this guess that EOS will be releasing a social media platform due to the fact that, last week, EOS bought a boatload of RAM on their platform.

EOS Buys a Heck of a Lot of Ram

In the week before the announcement, Block.One had un-staked a large amount of its staked EOS coins to purchase a heck of a lot of RAM. Over 3.3 million EOS were sold to purchase RAM on the EOS network.

The fact that EOS has started to purchase RAM has many believing that the big announcement will be some form of a large decentralized application, such as a social media platform.

EOS Buys Back Its Shares

Also in the past week or so, Block.One announced that they were buying back another 10% worth of their shares at a value of $1,500 per share, putting the valuation for Block.One at $2.2 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Although this does not suggest anything about the upcoming announcement, it does show that Block.One has a tremendous amount of confidence in their project moving forward.


Whatever the announcement is, we can expect the volatility to increase within the market. EOS has surged by over 22% in the past 24 hours, and we can expect this to increase further as the day draws on. However, this could really turn into a sour affair for EOS, as traditionally in the cryptocurrency industry, traders tend to buy the rumor and sell the news. Meaning that the market may dump heavily after the announcement has been made, regardless of what it is.