Early $1K Bitcoin Investment Now Worth $2.6 Billion

Morgan Creek co-founder and noted Bitcoin (BTC) evangelist, Anthony Pompliano, has made a tweet that sums up the explosion of interest and possibility of Bitcoin and the crypto market, saying that “the new financial system is creating generational wealth for many people.”

“Pomp”, as he is often called, notes how a $1k investment in bitcoin 10 years would be worth $2.6 billion today. He has also said that crypto would outperform the S&P500, and his firm has made a bet to that end, called “Buffett Bet 2.0.”

Financial inequity has made it difficult for certain strata of the society to move upwards, and one Twitter user accurately describes how Bitcoin could change that,

Bitcoin has generated tremendous wealth for the average investor, and it is often said that the currency holds excellent potential in redistributing wealth.

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