CryptoAds Teams Up with EtherZero to Deliver a New Age of Advertising and Branding Distribution

CryptoAds Marketplace has announced that the company will form a strategic partnership with EtherZero (ETZ), the state-of-the-art smart contract platform that features a new generation of public blockchain technology.

CryptoAds is the latest iteration of CFC (CallsFreeCalls), which originated as a VOIP system that allows users to make free calls to anyone, with the platform being sponsored by advertisers. Through CryptoAds the company expands the reach of its digital branding distribution capability, while at the same time doing away with brokers and other intermediaries through the use of smart contracts. Their latest partnership with EtherZero signals that the company intends to deliver the fastest service possible to their users.

CryptoAds ( will use ETZ’s public chain technology as one of the number of blockchains they will employ to implement and store transactions, with the goal of providing its clients with better quality and more affordable services than is possible with Ethereum alone. Their overall goal is to deliver platform stability, flexibility and scalability.

CryptoAds is a decentralized advertising distribution hub that allows marketers to roll out dynamic digital branding strategies by enabling them to post their advertising products in a wide variety of multimedia formats on an unlimited number of platforms, all driven by AI and blockchain technologies.

Advertisers can choose to deploy native videos or in-app mobile ads, standard video clips, vertical and 360 video ads, offer walls, or any other digital advertising delivery system.

Meanwhile, platforms selling space to marketers will be able to share their audience stats, content delivery methods, and hosting opportunities in order to engage directly with potential advertisers.

The Singapore-based ETZ ( is a next-generation smart contract development platform that was created by a global team of self-professed professional and technical geeks. It’s a hard-forked project based on the Ethereum framework designed to serve DAPP developers and users.

ETZ uses a double-layer network structure—a MasterNode network and a Proof-of-Work Node network—which means the platform can enable tens of thousands of transmissions per second, along with an autonomous community governance system, and all with zero transaction fees.

These capabilities are why, according to CrytpoAds founder and CEO, Oleksii Vinogradov, his company decided to partner with ETZ:

The volume of the digital advertising market is growing at an incredible pace. According to our estimation, in the coming years this growth will be provided by small platforms located throughout the world. The existing rules of the game impede this rapid growth in many ways, and therefore should give way to new blockchain solutions. We at CryptoAds are already creating the marketplace that is convenient and scam free. In partnership with EtherZero, we guarantee fast and secure transactions for the entire media market.

ETZ will in turn provide both media support within their community, as well as technical support for the integration of their framework into CryptoAds’ app. ETZ’s CEO, Gary Luo, says, “We are very pleased to work with real projects, based on real products and users that brings real profits, like CryptoAds Marketplace. This will allow our companies to scale up users’ involvement and expand the community, which uses blockchain in real business.”

CryptoAds is presently in the first phase of their ICO presale which continues until May 24, with a minimum purchase of 1,000 CRAD tokens and a 30% discount offered. Presale phases continue until June 16, 2018, with decreasing minimum purchase requirements and discounts available. Their public token sale begins June 16 and runs until July 17, 2018.

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