Crypto Startup The Abyss Joins The Race On A Tough And Competitive Video Game Market

This month, The Abyss, a digital distribution platform for online multiplayer video games, officially announced the launch of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), soon followed by a desktop app release with the first client game inside. With both products going live, the company thus emerged on a highly competitive multi-billion video game market currently dominated by Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.

The Abyss platform joined the big race with 3 MMORPG browser games (Music Wars, Lords of Arena, W.O.R.L.D.S.) onboard, and lots of technology features implemented, including a multilevel referral program which serves as an additional revenue stream for gamers and developers. A built-in payment system allows purchasing games and in-game items with platform-specific ABYSS tokens and traditional currencies. As of now, all games are 50% off if paid in tokens, while in-game purchases are 20% off. The special offering applies to already released and also upcoming games. With this token-supportive initiative, ABYSS is breaking new ground towards mass adoption of crypto in the video game industry.

Desktop app

Released in April, the new desktop client appeared in the form of a Windows OS app that runs outside the browser and offers quick-and-easy way of exploring the platform and playing client games. It supports all of the platform’s current web functionality and can work as a full replacement for the browser version letting users effortlessly access games, user account, referral system and other features in one place. The app has become yet another step forward for The Abyss, opening new opportunities in terms of marketing and further development.

The first client game

Will To Live Online, which has become the first client game on the platform (currently in early access), is a MMORPG first-person shooter with elements of survival and a story set in wastelands of a large post-apocalyptic world filled with unknown hostile creatures, bloodthirsty mutants and other unfriendly survivors. The game offers various spheres of activities, from trading, crafting and construction opportunities, to raids against monsters. Great attention is paid to the world history through 120+ of questlines which take over 80 hours for completion.

At the moment Will To Live includes 18 locations with different types of territory, and 4 characters with unique characteristics, game style, weapons, equipment and additional accessories. Will To Live can be purchased directly from the desktop app either with ABYSS tokens (with a 50% discount) or traditional currencies.

Technology-driven app

The Abyss desktop app boasts of being a technology-driven solution designed for all Windows OS versions officially supported by Microsoft Corporation. The development team have adopted an innovative One-Click Silent Installation technology allowing to install the app in just a few seconds with a single click.

Another big thing is a Real-Time Web interface technology which keeps the app always updated to the latest version. Not only the games automatically update. The app itself immediately transforms when the new functionality, content, elements and features are launched.

Other notable features include:

  • Loading Acceleration Mechanism;
  • The system for traffic volume reduction;
  • Web games support (HTML5 and/or Adobe Flash Player);
  • Interface language selection;
  • Built-in API for client/web interface interaction;
  • Built-in support for popular graphic, audio/video codecs;
  • Built-in Adobe Flash Player and CDN storage;
  • Built-in SDK for developers;
  • Referral statistics;
  • Token balance and transaction history;
  • Token/fiat payments support.

The team now set course for expanding the functionality and adding new games and features. Further improvements and updates will be introduced in future versions of The Abyss web interface and the desktop app.

About The Abyss

The Abyss is a digital distribution game platform with a focus on MMO/MMORPG genre. The Abyss brings crypto currency adoption to the video game industry: platform-specific ABYSS tokens can be used for game and in-game purchases in an easy-to-use way. The Abyss adopts an innovative Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model allowing users to easily develop, run, and manage game projects with no third parties involved, and providing a comprehensive infrastructure with built-in services and solutions for gamers. For more information on the platform visit official website and check out @theabyss.

Media Contact

Pavel Makhov

Head of Communications

The Abyss

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @pmakhov