Week in Review: November 22 – 28

One week in crypto feels like a year.” – a wise man

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!

Every Wednesday we will provide a snapshot into the last 168 hours in the world of cryptocurrency and Invest In Blockchain!

The market has been moving at a rapid pace over the past week, with substantial growth in all the major coins along with an almost 100 billion dollar increase in overall market cap. Take a look at our price action chart for the details!

We also had a fantastic week at Invest in Blockchain. Let’s review some of our top stories!

1) Our top story features one of the most talked about companies in the blockchain world: LISK. Nadja Bester takes you into the future with Lisk Announces Relaunch Date and Plans for 2018, an in-depth look at what we can expect in 2018 from this young, motivated company.

2) Our second piece covers some new, exciting news out of the Stratis-sphere. The company announced their plans for their test ICO November 30th. It could be a huge move for the future of Stratis and their token holders. Stratis Announces Test ICO Launch on 30 November 2017.

3) Our final story takes you into the mind of Joe Blackburn, founder of one of the largest cryptocurrency trade groups on Facebook. The interview takes us through the mind of a crypto community leader and gives us insight into the trading demographic in Insights from the Crypto Coin Trader Community.