Consensus 2019: BitcoinHD Appears at Bitmart, Events

Consensus 2019 was held in New York from the 13th to the 15th May. This was a major event for all practitioners in the global blockchain industry. The conference brought together financial giants, start-ups, academic research institutions, and regulatory authorities for layered discussions on every aspect of the global technology movement.

Since its birth in 2008, Bitcoin has opened a door for people into the crypto world. However, in recent years, the POW consensus of BTC has been faced with a number of serious problems. Alternatives have been in development with teams and individuals all over the world; many of these were discussed at Consensus.

BitcoinHD (BHD) adopts the POC consensus – which relies on showing full Proof of Capacity. Could POC be the new POW?

BitcoinHD was a front row participant and attendee at Consensus 2019. BHD is a new cryptocurrency based on Conditioned Proof of Capacity (CPOC). It uses one’s hard disk as a consensus participant, lowers power consumption and breaks down the entry barrier. It makes the production of cryptocurrency more decentralized, secure and reliable so that everyone can participate in crypto mining easily.

During the Consensus conference, BHD was present at a series of events held by Bitmart, Bitmax. io, and quark chain, et al. Gary Cheung, the BHD Community KOL, COO of Hpool Mine, spoked at the event ‘Block Plus Summit Series 2’ held by Bitmart at the New York Blockchain Week 2019. He mentioned that BHD, which is based on the POC consensus mechanism, will lead a revolution, giving all blockchain practitioners new opportunities. He called on all industry peers to participate in this new ecosystem.

BHD has seen a rise in its market price from 4 USD in March 2019 to over 30 USD at present – a more than 700% increase. At the same time, the whole network capacity of BHD has exceeded 1000 PB. The performance of BHD has attracted a lot of attention. Many believe that this dark horse may lead to a revolution in the blockchain industry.

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