Colu Network’s New Ambassador Program Encourages Individuals to Support Their Local Communities

Colu Local Network, the company that allows communities to issue their own cryptocurrencies, has announced the launch of an ambassador program.The campaign is a bid to make the public more aware about what Colu does, and get them excited about bringing Colu to their cities.

Those who sign up for the ambassador program will receive free CLN tokens. Would-be ambassadors can sign up for the program here, and Colu will offer 200 CLN tokens each to up to 2,000 ambassadors who register and complete their first challenge.

This ambassador program will be accompanied by an airdrop of Colu’s community currencies. What’s more, the community currencies will be integrated into their existing fiat wallet. Users in this local economy will be able to pay in fiat, but will be rewarded with community currency for their purchase.

For those unaware, Colu’s vision is to “create an alternative financial model, which is open, decentralized and equitable, where community members are stakeholders with a shared goal of local prosperity.”

Rewards schemes will be a part of the network, incentivizing users to transact with community currencies. Furthermore, by permitting fiat payments at brick-and-mortar establishments and rewarding stakeholders with tokens for participating in the economic activity, Colu lowers the barriers for the local communities to upgrade their payment infrastructure while introducing all of the benefits of a decentralized network.

Joey Azizoff, the CLN Community Manager, is excited to see how users can take advantage of this to benefit their local communities:

The beauty of where we are going with the product, is anyone in the world will be able consider their own town or city as a place to launch or contribute to a CLN backed community currency. We would like ambassadors from all over the world to join our growing CLN community, and the exciting thing is people can have an impact either with the CLN globally, or get involved in helping the development of the Colu wallet and the local community currency closest to them. The real world and crypto joining together!

Colu Launches Its First Community Currencies

The ambassador program and airdrop follow a significant development for Colu: the launch of their first three community currencies on May 30, 2018. It is these coins that will be airdropped to Colu community members.

The three tokens, TLV Coin, Haifa Coin and Liverpool Coin, (named after the locations) will be airdropped to the wallets of eligible users on June 13. However, the airdrop differs from traditional airdrops in that only users who have reached a certain volume of transactions by June 13 will be eligible to receive the tokens. More details can be found on Colu’s blog.

Colu Network wallet
The new Colu wallet

Amos Meiri, CEO and Co-Founder of Colu Network, sees this as a critical step in bringing cryptocurrency to the common people:

Operating in the blockchain space since 2012, it is a great milestone for Colu to bring community currencies and crypto to everyday people who use Colu. Taking the steps of educating our communities, many of them who have never interacted with crypto currencies before is an exciting step for us.

Colu Local Network has seen explosive growth over the past year. The network has already built 4 thriving communities in Haifa, Liverpool, London and Tel Aviv. They currently have over 150,000 users and are working with over 1,500 local businesses.

In addition to encouraging citizens to participate in the bettering of local communities, the team is working hard to make community currencies a viable payment option for local businesses.

Expect to hear more from the team as they work on their vision to create community-oriented micro-economies.

Visit the Colu website to learn more about the project, and sign up for their ambassador program here. You can also connect with them on Telegram, or follow on Twitter.