Coinmama Exchange Will Say Good Bye To You If They Find Out You Send Crypto To Gambling Sites

A Reddit user has posted how Coinmama representatives keep a track of where coins from the exchange flow, despite the fact that the user moved coins to different wallets and made transactions with multiple companies.

The user, slimecounty, posted the following image and explained what had happened,

Source: Reddit

Bounced coin from wallet to wallet. Made multiple transactions with multiple companies. They still sniffed out where some of it went. Am I silly or is that ridiculous?

Coinmama allows users to buy different cryptocurrency tokens with credit cards. Unsurprisingly, users have rallied against what it happening. The point of the blockchain is to create as much transparency as possible, so it is not so much tracking as it is Coinmama preventing users from buying crypto with credit cards and then gambling with it. By agreeing to the platform’s terms and conditions are as such, users have no option but to follow through with the protocol or use another service.