CoinDeal Presents: The Ultimate Trading Experience

CoinDeal – one of the biggest and fastest crypto exchanges in Europe, is also among CoinMarketCap’s top-100 cryptocurrency exchanges based on trade volume. The platform is also a sponsor of the Premier League Team.

They are currently celebrating their 320,000th user, and are pleased to present…

…CoinDeal Premium!

CoinDeal was the first in the world to launch Premium Crypto Accounts for more demanding users. Some of the features included in the accounts are: lower maker and taker fees, private chat and ticket line, public and private Telegram channels, fast track verification, and customer support priority.

Soon two additional options will be offered. There will be the opportunity to vote twice daily for the next coin to be added to the platform, and there will be the opportunity to request new features on the platform, which will be treated with a high level of priority.

What’s more, you don’t need to deposit a lot money to get started.

To use the exchange at full capacity, you can start by investing a small amount, and then earn and expand your trader account. The premium account allows less experienced traders to get to know how to use of our platform, but is also a very good tool for more seasoned cryptocurrency investors.

It’s not only about the quick verification; CoinDeal Premium provides you with a private support consultant. Rest assured that in the initial phase our specialists will look after you, introducing you to the world of blockchain and crypto investments.

Kajetan Maćkowiak, one of CoinDeal’s founders, states:

On the first day, after the launch of Premium, we had more than new 1000 registered traders, now it’s up to 5 % of our community, who decided to get the access to this program and to try more convenience trading.

The platform is currently used by over than 300,000 users from all over the world. CoinDeal is already famous for a large number of crypto pairs with fiat currencies, and they soon plan to introduce new ones. Users have an opportunity to take part in evolution of the platform by voting for new cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are over 44 different trading pairs, and the fiat currencies include US Dollars, Euro, Pounds Sterling, Polish Zloty, Rubles, and Korean Won.

Security and Users Are of Prime Importance

CoinDeal users are offered transparency of funds and the most advanced security standards. Users are protected by complex password requirements, mandatory 2FA (two-step authentication), email confirmations for withdrawals, and warnings about attempts to login from different IP addresses than usual.

Adam Bicz, one of CoinDeal’s co-founders and CEO, states:

For me as a programmer, user safety is a priority; no company that deals with money entrusted to them by their customer can forget about it.

In light of its dedication to maintaining the highest quality in its services, CoinDeal recently moved its headquarters to Malta, fast on its way to become a blockchain hub, and obtained the MDIA safety certificate.

All materials and documents before logging in are available in English, Chinese, German, Korean, Polish, and Russian, and further language versions are also planned. The CoinDeal team is also working on a mobile application platform available in iOS/Android, more details about which will be released soon.

Constant Development? Indeed.

A few months after the launch of the platform, in August 2018 CoinDeal became a global partner of the Premier League Team, the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. This is a history-making sponsorship by a cryptocurrency exchange platform, as it is the first in the blockchain industry. The value of return on advertising, after signing a sponsorship agreement, was calculated to be 90 Million Polish zloty (nearly $23.5 million USD), and over half a million exposures.

On February 2019 an official advertisement of CoinDeal hit the internet. Kajetan Maćkowiak adds:

Our team had a lot of fun creating the video with the Premier League footballers. Over 400,000 YouTube views show that we’ve done a good job. In the video were listed the 5 pillars of the exchange, which are important for us and which we try to improve on constantly.

CoinDeal is proving to be the exchange of choice for crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin aficionados with their latest offer. Deposit BTC onto your CoinDeal account using the Bech32 standard (addresses starting with “bc1”) and enjoy 50% lower fees on BTC payouts.  

Bicz states:

We’re crypto enthusiasts at heart and spreading knowledge about technological advancements and educating the public should be a priority for everyone working in the space.

Any other plans? Of course! CoinDeal is actively expanding onto the US market. Soon a beta version of the platform will be available in some states serving crypto-to-crypto trading pairs. CoinDeal is cooperating with the renowned Oster McBride PLLC in this expansion.