Coinbase Adds These 11 Countries For Buying And Trading, Is Yours On The List?

Coinbase, just having announced the addition of the Augur (REP) token, has now added crypto-to-crypto trading support for 11 more countries, bumping up their supported countries to 53.

Source: Coinbase
  • The newly supported countries include India, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Indonesia, and Philippines. The team stated in the blog post that crypto-to-crypto trading was increasing in popularity, and that it is a part of Coinbase’s vision to create an open financial system,

Direct trading between cryptos is increasingly the new norm and in the last year has overtaken traditional fiat to crypto trading across the globe. Millions of Coinbase customers can now securely and quickly trade between different cryptos and send crypto off-platform at their convenience.

Coinbase Refining Platform and Adding More Features

Coinbase has been keeping promise to add more tokens, having added Augur (REP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Ripple (XRP) and many others in recent times. The exchange has a strong focus on reaching out into the global market, and competing exchanges like Binance are also doing extremely well.


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